The one where I converse about Converse (and other shoes) – 20/28

I’m not a sneaker freaker, but I do like a good pair of kicks for feets sake!

I have 2 pairs of Converse All-Stars; a black on black pair hi-top and a red-brown-gold low-top pair, the latter looks ugly in a beautiful shoe kind of way.

The other shoe style that I like to wear are wing-tips/oxfords, I have a few pairs that are comfortable…unlike the horrible pair they rent you for when you’re a groomsman. In hindsight I should have had them pay me to wear those horrible if-I-wore-them-longer-I-would-have-gotten-blisters “shoes” more like prison chains…but the things we do for love when our good friends get married, and it was a good wedding, and a better marriage was created on that day! šŸ™‚

Lastly in this shoe post, I like hiking shoes; I am a big fan of the great outdoors, and ideally hiking shoes with good ankle support are a must. I have for the most part been prepared for hiking in this area with few blisters along the trail, but I certainly recall being with friends who were not ready for hiking shoe-wise and dang blazes, the horror…the horror!

Choose your shoes wisely, for feets sake!


11 thoughts on “The one where I converse about Converse (and other shoes) – 20/28

  1. I tend to live in Uggs, flip flops and paddock boots — all very comfortable. Occasionally, I will don some heels for those times when vanity overrides comfort, but I’m always glad to kick them off as soon as possible.

  2. Unless I’m going out or to church, I usually live in tennis shoes, either New Balance or Nike, but I have found other brands to be comfortable. I enjoyed your man’s view on shoes.

  3. In the house I rarely wear shoes. It’s either socks or bare feet. In the yard it’s flip-flops. When I go out in the summer I’m partial to sandals without socks mind you or running shoes. In the winter it’s lace-up boots because we get a lot of snow.

    I’m glad this contest hash;t got “pants” as a prompt.

  4. I have those Converse in that photo! Well, not the same pair, obviously, but an identical pair, bought in New York City. The lady who sold me the shoes had to go fetch a children’s size because i have such tiny feet…

  5. “Iā€™m not a sneaker freaker, but I do like a good pair of kicks for feets sake!” Funny funny!

    I’m not much of a shoe person. Flip flops or barefoot. I’m not too worried about appearance these days. Sigh.

  6. I’ve never owned a pair of classic Converse shoes. As a kid, my parents refused to buy them for me because they claimed I would break my ankles in them because they lack the proper support.

  7. I think I own three pairs of shoes in total, and sadly none of them are Converses. A nice pair of high-tops would look very stylish, tho I like something a bit more… cushioned? Bad feet, what can I say? Indigo

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