Christ is risen glorious resurrection

Little known fact about me; I greet each morning with the Greek Orthodox Easter phrase “kali anastasi christos anesti” glorious resurrection, Christ is risen.

It is not Easter every morning, but I live in light of the resurrection. Christ’s death is important, but that’s not where the story ends. in His resurrection all things can become new. Slowly but surely, just as the sun rises, perfect Shalom is on the horizon.

I live because he lives, not in fear of what has happened or what will happen. love will rule the day because he lives. love casts out fear, so I will live a life of love and let God’s love flow out of me to all people of all walks of life.

Christ’s love is not for Christians only, and it needs to be lived out and not just talked about. the sooner that happens, we as a group will lose the label of being bigoted, homophobic, and judgmental. Love Wins, but we have to let it win in our lives and the lives of others.


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