Settling in nicely, a new reality

I don’t remember the exacting wording on this following statement, but here goes my paraphrase:

“Until someone realizes the other/better reality on their own, they will continue to live in their current (and possibly worse) reality”

It was something along the lines of this that I learned in one of my courses for work, and it stuck with me as to why I still lived at home with my parents. Still, but still no more. I have adjusted my life, a 180* in a lot of ways, and have gotten to the point where enough was enough so I moved out…but still.

Still that I waited to this point of financial and job security where I realized internally I can do this, that what I do matters and I am good at what I do.
Still that I didn’t wake from my mental fog, my stupor, my paralysis of what if scenarios that now seem so far in the past.

I could easily get caught up in the “still’s” in life, but I won’t because it is not healthy. I have done away with my old reality and I am coming into my own and I am settling in nicely. 🙂



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