My writing process

Good morning 🙂

I don’t always have time to write a lengthy post, but ideas of things I want to write about swarm my mind constantly. So when I’m unable to come to my laptop and write it out, I usually make mental notes, notes on a notepad that goes with me, or notes on the app on my phone. I jot down an outline and that will be enough for the time being.

When I am able to find time for writing I usually play some chill music in the background, have some fresh fruit and coffee ready to nosh on, and off I go…er…write! Recognizing how much time I could spend writing, as of late I’ve been setting a time for 30 to 40 minutes and use that block of time to write quickly and efficiently. If I need to come back to writing, I’ll save it to draft form and come back to it the following day.

I do like writing very much, but while it is a part of my life it is not my life. This is not my bread and butter, it’s just something I enjoy a great deal, and perhaps some day I will have put in my 10,000 hours to make me a prolific writer 😉 or something like that.

So that is my writing process from start to finish. A question to the reader+writer, how do you go about writing?


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