Deo Gratias for Saints past and present in my life

Happy All Saints Day! 🙂

Consider this a tribute post of sorts. A brief recapturing of my story thus far and saints in my life, both in my past and in my present…enjoy!

Deo Gratias for…

My sisters 3; oh how I love them and don’t tell them it enough. Their uniqueness and gifts that they utilize, for their smarts and witty senses of humor. There’s also the dynamic of when we all hang out together, which lately has been seldom but we sure know how to have good times all together.

My parents who instilled in me knowledge and the desire to further my education; it hasn’t always been a classroom setting, as so much of life is learning through experience. It is because of them that I have cultivated my own passions and stand-up-fors; they started a pregnancy information in town, the abortion clinic has closed while what they started still exists to this day. I and my desiring to build bridges between the Christian community and the LGBT community has roots in their drive many years ago. I have been a questioner my entire life, and I see that some of that comes from them as well.

My friend Mark. We have a hodgepodge history that had entwining before we actually were friends. We have clashed heads and hearts together, we’ve shared good times and bad times together, and last year I was in his wedding. I am glad to call him my friend, he has helped my sorry ass numerous times and he knows how to equally make me laugh, think, and cringe.

My youth pastor while I was in high school; I was a loner, an awkward troubled kid out of place, but he spoke into my life and encouraged me a great deal. He heard me out in my silent screaming, and loved me despite what I brought to the table as to the shit that was going on in my life at that time. I still feel called to youth ministry and helping students out to the best of my ability, and so much of it comes back to his influence in my life.

My youth ministry students over the last 10 years. I went from staying in lines that youth pastors walk, but when I stepped out on faith and did things apart from Sunday mornings and night, I stepped out onto something bigger than me. With my latest bunch of students I have dreamers, doubters, hopefuls, thinkers, processors, and intellectuals in my midst. I am glad to help facilitate the group and wish I was that way when I was younger. They think I’m teaching them, but I think there’s a symbiotic relationship taking place.

My pastor. He inspires me and believes in me despite me not believing in myself at times. I’m getting a better grasp as to who I am and what I’m called to do, in part some of that has come through his encouraging me in his own way.

My coworkers and my clients. Yes I do work with individuals who have various types of mental illnesses, but they are humans first before they are their diagnosis. There too with my coworkers and clients is a symbiotic relationship at play. Even when I was on vacation they were on my heart, I want the best for them as they deem the best. My coworkers are phenomenal at working with our clients, I have faith in their capacities to do a damn good job in my absence.

My grandmother who recently passed away. We didn’t get along well, it was very unhealthy, but I do have good memories of her. I remember her frozen yogurt place in the late 80s, I remember being at forehead height and arms length to the gummy worms and Whoppers 😉 I got the earnest nature to her love for my father and his siblings. She had a wonderful flower and fruit tree garden, and there were plenty of nice days in Phoenix spent just being with her.

My grandparents on my mother’s side. I miss them and having seen them both pass away in the care of my aunt and my family respectively. I care for who they were out of their limitless kindness despite limited resources.

My online friends. It’s kind of weird at times to think of the internet as a community, but sometimes with certain eFriends there’s a community there that me feels like I am at home. I haven’t been home figuratively speaking for quite sometime now, but I’m getting there at making a home for myself as well as for others.

Mr. Rogers. I never met the guy but I wish I had. His cheery demeanor, his Agape love for his community of viewers across the tube, across time, and across the world. His optimism and unending kindness may have been written on a script first, but I truly believe he took it to heart.

That’s all the saints that come to mind at this time, but there’ll be more opportunities for me to reflect at later times.


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