3 weeks to Christmas and I’m not remotely ready

It’s 3 weeks to Christmas and I’m not remotely ready. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to know if I am ready, but I do know this; Christmas has never been an eventful holiday for me, and to some degree it still isn’t, but I have hope that one day I will have a family of my own and I will be able to start from there in making it better. I have hope this will come to fruition.

Hope. I have plenty of it sometimes, it keeps me going on my darkest days and even when things are going good for me I still hope. I have had a few good Christmases in my life, and I think my favorites have been when I was in a relationship celebrating Christmas with my SO’s family and extended 🙂 I’ve also been fortunate to go to Florida for Christmas, and let me tell you (if you’re a fan of warm weather) 80 degrees in December on the Gulf of Mexico is awesome.


One thing I do enjoy even if I’m not celebrating Christmas is the Advent season leading up to Christmas.

To prepare my heart, my mind, in what was the greatest gift God gave to mankind, his son Jesus. Jesus came into this world as an individual who stirred up the system to the point that he was killed for going against the system’s status quo. If you think about it, Jesus came to live with us, be amongst us, but ultimately Jesus came to die (which goes into the bigger holiday in the Christian calendar; Easter).

So slight morbidity aside, I await and engage in my senses in preparation of Jesus. I take time to read, take time to go about life slowly in light of hope and in light of the greatest form of hope the world will ever know. I might be post-Evangelical in my beliefs, but I am aware of the meaning of this Christmas season and its many implications.

I wait,
I desire,
I hope. 🙂


2 thoughts on “3 weeks to Christmas and I’m not remotely ready

  1. Advent was always a special time when I was growing up. The four Sundays leading up to Christmas, I remember lighting one additional candle each week and talking about the significance of it.

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