Occupy love not hate


What’s the point if all you do is shout
on the corner to all who walk by you spout
the bible to all different kinds of people
are you the human equivalent of church bell and steeple?
Do you speak up for those who simply won’t,
or do you speak out for those who simply don’t?
Is your posture one of love, forgiveness, and grace
or do you yell till you’re red and angry in the face,
saying God is love* (*but not actually)
He’s out to get you so matter-of-factly
He looks over the world with contempt, so hopeless
He’s angry with you when you lose your focus
He loves only a few the ones called his chosen,
if these are your words they’re cold and rather frozen
You didn’t get the memo, missed the alarm now you’re dozin’
Sure life is shitty sometimes but I don’t remember God reacted
 by saying “This is good, oh wait I take that back”, God never retracted.
God’s love for humanity is there when we choose to hate and not to love,
when we don’t wait patiently, when angrily we push and it comes to shove
When we drop the bomb on our so-called enemies from afar with our drones
When we drop the bomb on our friends in the comfort of our American homes
I don’t profess to be smart, to be wise, larger-than-life and
but I have hope, I believe, that shalom is on the horizon
So when we fuck it up I still believe someday we will get it right
We will walk together in the sun and walk out of this dark night.


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