Misadventures of [strong] Lithuanian beer – 5/28

All of this took place while I was in my apartment, I never drink and drive…so with that being said, here’s my misadventure in beer.

I am a fan of (moderate to very good) beer; craft beer, foreign beer, domestic, tap, bottled porters, lagers, ales, IPAs,…I like it all pretty much. I drink socially but also on my weekend at my apartment, and lately I’ve been on a kick to sample beer from my father’s ancestral home of Lithuania. While perusing the internet I found a grocery store in my area that imports a lot of Lithuanian beer, and so I bought one of everything, including *dum dum dummm* Crazy Brewski

I should have known it would’ve ruined me…while beers average in A(lcohol)B(y)V(olume) the ABV of Crazy Brewski is 15! I’m used to 7 or 8, so this was a big step forward.

I made myself a delicious home cooked meal of spare ribs and mashed potatoes, and opened my beer. It was potent but smooth from the first sip. To combat that I ate the majority of my dinner and sat there for it to settle a bit…and then I went back to drinking the Crazy Brewski.

I drank it all in one sitting, and when the bottle was empty I muttered under my breath I’m not going anywhere tonight. The thing is this; if you go from drinking a bunch of locally crafted brews and decide to take on an imported brewed-to-be-strong brew…yeah, you’re in for a slight bender. I recognized this all too well and too quickly, I quickly called off my evening plans and explained myself articulately albeit in a stupor.
I called it an early night (1o30pm) and brushed my teeth and then slept it off for a good 10 hours! My stomach hurt a bit when I woke up, but I think that was more of my food preference from the night before than the beer itself.


Now I don’t mind a strong brew every now and then, but I don’t like one that’s subtle and only by getting to the bottom of an empty bottle that you realize the possibility of getting hammered. So let this be a warning to you that sometimes looks…and tastes…can be deceiving.


9 thoughts on “Misadventures of [strong] Lithuanian beer – 5/28

  1. My neighbor who recently moved was making his own brew…. It was INCREDIBLE…. I was so sad when they left… I miss them terribly, and don’t have their dark brew to console myself with!

  2. The label should have tipped you off. I love the labels on so many of the new craft beers. Crazy graphics and crazy names. Dirty Bastard, Bitter Woman from Hell, Shaggin’ In The Woods. Glad you had the good sense to stay home.

  3. Yup, the label was a dead giveaway. I’ve had a couple of German beers that did the same. The labels were pretty non-descript, but the clues were still there. The beers were nearly black in color.

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