My mind is [sometimes] a dull one – 6/28

There are times where I am scatterbrained; this usually happens where I take on too much and subsequently I am not bringing my “A Game” to it all. Subsequently, I do better with a few tasks at one time instead of a lot of tasks.

Yet I have taken it upon myself to concentrate some energy on drawing once a day for the entire year. My sister’s the artist of the family, but I have decided to give it a try:

When I dial into drawing, that’s all there is…apart from some music playing in the background, but still I draw. I’m getting a broader perspective of colors around me; I’ve always been one for colors and their shades, but now I have a better sense of how I would go about drawing things.

From this energy and focus, I find that the flow comes easily and to some extent there’s also transferring that focus to other things in my life. It’s fun to draw, and I’m glad to be moving past the stick figure stage πŸ˜‰



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