Journeys of a foodie – 12/28

I am a self-described foodie; I like all forms of cuisine no matter how weird or odd it is.  My rule of thumb is to try it once, and if it is not an enjoyable I don’t have to eat it ever again!

Because of this credo of mine, I’ve tried some weird stuff, but I think the strangest food I’ve eaten was whole cooked fish that was heavily salted. It looked like this:

I was attending a church when I was in college, a Lao church, where I was one of a handful non-Lao members. Every Sunday the aunties would cook up a potluck for anyone and everyone, and I the foodie decided to give it all a try. The chicken foot soup was gelatinous from the cartilage, but was passable, the Lapsong Souschong ice tea was smoky but very good, but the entire fish…One bite in, I was done, not so much the texture but how incredibly salty it was! I did after one bite in accept the challenge of eating the eyes as that was a Lao thing to do (or so I was told)…and so, I still wear an invisible-to-everyone badge of honor for being honorary Lao! 🙂

I keep trying different foods, it’s fun to try the food of other countries. Lately I’ve been sampling the food at a local Nepalese/Indian restaurant called Taste Of Himalayas. I went there for lunch the other day and I had the following:

Chili Pakora; hot peppers deep fried in spices and cornmeal batter. Not bad, comes with different chutneys ranging from minty to sweet to tart. All in all, I like it will have it again.

I also had

Khasi Ko Masu; a goat dish that was very aromatic and spicy, but sadly the goat meat was pretty old or wasn’t marinated long enough because it was chewy and hard. Plus there was a lot of gristle and cartilage to contend with, which really isn’t all that appetizing.


I like eating, I’ve got the gut to prove it and the guts to try it all (maybe). So here’s to different cuisines the world over, and it all begins with that first bite.



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