A lack of communication leaves me speechless – 13/28

The thought of not being able to communicate, incommunicado, is a frightening one to me.

Communication is vital to pretty much everything, and there’s more than just verbal communication; Body language is said to make up for over 90% of communication altogether, so I guess it’s not solely what you say but how you say it…and to add that to the lot of not being able to communicate? Shudders run down my spine just thinking about it.

I think first off that if I were incommunicado I would have a hard time doing my job. I do a very good job at active listening on the job, but having built rapport with those I work with, I give suggestions catered to where they are in life. To actively listen but not give any feedback would probably irk a good deal of those I work with simply because I know that they enjoy hearing what I have to say because I don’t sugarcoat things with my clients…but again, it comes from a place of having rapport with them in the first place.

Granted relationships with my friends and family would be stunted, but I think I do a good job of being present and the listener that “what? Nathanael can no longer communicate? I didn’t know that” would be the most common reply (or so I think).

Then there’s this blog…oh noes! I can’t communicate via blogging? Talk about an eLimb that has been hacked off, woe is I! Such a great travesty has befallen mankind in the wake of me not being able to blog…don’t mind my self-imposed verbal theatrics.


So there you have it, from the falling of the Roman empire to me not being able to communicate, such monumental events in the history of mankind.


P.S. But I do realize those who don’t like me, and dare I say perhaps hate me, wouldn’t mind that I could no longer communicate. Well guess what, I’m not incommunicado, I’m still going to do what I do and that includes loving on you! πŸ™‚


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