It has to be aliens…really? A cynical person’s take on mankind’s ingenuity – 14/28

The above photo/meme has variants, but all of them come back to the fact that this guy attributes the mundane and complicated to aliens. Bullshit, I think we should take some credit for our accomplishments…let’s have a look, shall we? (Well you could stop reading this, the choice is yours.*)

The Pyramids; impressive considering their dimensions and when they’re dated to and even how they were assembled. I have yet to go to Giza, but given the chance I certainly would! Yay mankind!

Stonehenge; Its original use is still unknown, we thought at one time that it was a pagan site but it doesn’t look like that is what it was for anymore.  Take that aliens, WE made Stonehenge you didn’t *raspberry noises*

The Great Wall of China; Yes it’s only an urban legend that you can see it from space, but still it is a remarkable structure and entirely man made.
The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai; It’s impressive albeit it’s longevity leaves me doubtful, I could see a series of waves pummeling it over. Still, it is impressive and aliens had no hand in assembling it whatsoever 😉

And lastly, one of the greatest creations known to mankind…
Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza; it doesn’t get better than that. When you want to get your carbs on and a whole lot of cheese with toppings or without, you go Chicago style. Sure other places make it, but having sampled deep dish fare apart from Chicago, it just doesn’t jive with me. Mankind made it, aliens did not, we win they lose!


So while I am led to believe that we live in an infinite universe with billions of galaxies, stars, suns, nebulae, et al. I think we haven’t gotten in contact with them or them with us. Maybe they’re waiting for us to progress beyond what they consider our early developmental stage. I could be wrong, but at the same time, I could also be right…time will tell whether Aliens decide to visit our pale blue dot.


P.S. – (*Haha, sucker! It was MY choice that you got here, reverse Psychology can be so amazing sometimes 😉 )


9 thoughts on “It has to be aliens…really? A cynical person’s take on mankind’s ingenuity – 14/28

  1. I loved the revelations on Men in Black about Dennis Rodman, Michael Jackson, and various other weird celebrities being from other planets.

    What is really amazing to me is that, although the initial modern-style crop circles were clearly revealed to be the work of pranksters, many people still believe them to be alien activity. Apparently aliens have learned from us how we want them to communicate.

  2. I’m with you on this. We needed alien help to pile large rocks on top of each other? I don’t think so. Yes, it’s impressive, but when you’ve got a couple of million people in your work force, it’s doable.

  3. Excellent points! We humans did create some out of this world creations. Now, about that Chicago deep dish pizza. I have never had one. I guess I will put that on my bucket list!

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