My ears; signs I’m getting old[er] – 15/28

With age, one’s body is apt to fall apart. I was that guy who liked his music loud, and perhaps, my concerts even louder. Yet I realize the errors of my ways, because I am sensitive to loud noises more than ever.

The ringing in my ears comes every now and then, and interestingly it comes from being around loud people and not necessarily loud music. And yet with realizing my ears are sensitive to what I hear, I am able to put that aside if I’m working with someone who equates loudness with being right/correct. I can’t say I’ve stood toe-to-toe with the police in a protest, but I’ve dealt with my parents who often equate how loud they can project their voice with thinking that’s right to begin with, it isn’t, but still I am able to argue rationally and succinctly despite them trying to drown out my voice as well as my opinion.

For just-saying-it sake, volume does not equate to being right. Whether it’s family or the media or other stances, being the loud squeaky wheel will get you the grease but only for a short span of time. At this time in my life I would rather dialogue and hear different opinions than project my voice to command and conquer, to “win” the arguments and debates. I rather take on a posture of listening than talking, communicating what I think instead of communicating what I think others should think. As a follower of Christ I am called to be a witness, not the judge or jury, and by demanding justice and retribution to be done in an unChrist-like way goes against the very essence of who Christ was and what he did when he lived some 2000 years ago.


Who knows where my hearing will be 10 years down the road, it could be the same it could be worse. All I know is that I’d hate to lose my hearing because so much of what I do revolves around actively listening to others, it could put a damper on things if I continue to work in social services.



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