It doesn’t taste just like chicken, trust me I’m a foodie – 19/28

Earlier today I found this as to what makes food that isn’t chicken taste like chicken:

I beg to differ! Sure there might be a little commonality in taste, but I don’t think people try hard enough to explore their mental palate to come up with other descriptors that aren’t “tastes-like-chicken” centric.

When I try something new, I savor it and try to figure out what’s in it, case in point – Bun Bo Hue

I had this yesterday, and based on the description on the menu it is a “Traditional and famous spicy beef noodles soup w/ sliced beef shank and pork pastries.” So with chopsticks in my left hand and my soup spoon in my right, I dove in.

The beef shank was gamey and slightly gelatinous.
The pork pastries were moist, tender and slightly aromatic.
The noodles were overly soft, as they were sitting in the broth for quite a while.
The broth was spicy, red chilies and green onions with a slight offset of cilantro, and my eyes watered and my throat burned on a few occasions. I balanced out the spiciness of it all (a little, anyway) with freshly squeezed lime juice.

All in all, a good first encounter with Bun Bo Hue. It was overly spicy for me (which is saying a lot) but it was worth trying πŸ™‚


So please, take your time in eating food you make or food you eat in a restaurant. Savor it and deduce what could be in your food (if it’s different cuisine than you’re used to) and don’t give up and throw in the towel and say it tastes like chicken if it isn’t a chicken dish.



5 thoughts on “It doesn’t taste just like chicken, trust me I’m a foodie – 19/28

  1. My son and his wife are foodies too. I like to accompany them on their journeys to try the unknown. I’m not as daring as they are, but this way I get to taste the delicacy. I’ve eaten alligator, snake, mountain oysters and the like, but I still cannot make myself eat deer or lamb. They are such too beautiful. I can’t do it. I admire your adventurous nature!

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