Getting into the flow of art – 21/28
Yes, I made that.

I started off this year with the intention to draw at least once a day (I wrote about it a bit on day 6), and I have backslid. I haven’t been faithful to doing it once I day, but all the while I realize that I am able to engage in doing art more and the flow comes naturally.

The above drawing took me 3.5 hours on again and off again, but because my favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh and Starry Night is my favorite piece by him I decided to give it a try. It was a labor of love to complete this painting, and it came so naturally once I put my doubts to the side because here’s the thing; as much as I am a right brained kinda guy

I still get bogged down in the details and I realize that this has at time hindered my creativity; if I couldn’t do it better than well, then what’s the point? But in missing the point, I realize I do have artist talent if I just apply myself and accept the fact that mistakes will be made but to keep on keeping on in my artistic endeavors.

I guess this mindset can be utilized elsewhere, not that I’m one to throw in the towel easily but at the same time I know that sometimes when push comes to shove I rather not deal with the consequences one way or another and this is for the easier things of life. Sure I can function and remain levelheaded when the shit hits the fan, but I recognize my limitations most of the time. It also helps that I’m not one to quickly give a yes or no, I weigh out if I have the time and resources to do something, and if I can I will.

When it comes to finished pieces like Starry Night, I like what I see, I like seeing the finished project of what I once saw/what I imagined/what I set forth to do and what I accomplished. It’s good to see things like this to completion. 🙂


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