The time I went to test drive Lamborghinis – 22/28

Well it happened. I got invited to test drive the Lamborghini Veneno:

as well as the Veneno Roadster:

Two gorgeous if-you’re-asking-the-cost-you-can’t-afford-it supercars put out by Lamborghini. They wanted me to test drive them and give them feedback, both on the road, the track, and the Autobahn. It just so happened that I submitted an essay for non-Lamborghini owners as to why I like this brand, and I won! They flew me out to Sant’Agata Bolognese Italy first class, set me up in a nice hotel and then it was down to business.

I liked the Veneno more than the roadster because of the rigidity that came with have a roof over my head. I floored it and it was more than responsive! It gave what I had to offer and then some. Given that the top speed is in the ballpark of 220mph, they set me up with some high speed tips and tricks from none other than Valentino Balboni who was around for such an occasion. It was encouraging to work with a guy who started off as a mechanic apprentice and worked up to being the test driver of Lamborghini.

It was a fun 2 weeks out at Lamborghini HQ. With every passing hour spent behind the wheel I became more and more confident as a fast but safe driver. It was a shame when it came to the end, not because of this entire experience in and of itself, but rather that it was only a dream.

😦 Dang blazes!


5 thoughts on “The time I went to test drive Lamborghinis – 22/28

  1. I’ve always wondered, where do people who own Lamborghinis drive them? I mean, you wouldn’t take it to Walmart, for sure. But even if you were attending a millionaire’s dinner party, would you actually drive it through the streets to get there? City traffic can be a nightmare, and even when it’s not, there are still a lot of very humble cars around that unexpectedly pull out of a parking spot in front of you or rear end you at a stop light.

    • He was in a Gallardo Spyder, the Veneno is newish and costs around 3.5-4 million. If I were driving with Justin Bieber this would’ve been a nightmare instead of a dream! 😉

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