I’m on the fence with social media – 25/28

I am on the fence when it comes to social media; yes I have a Facebook account, I have a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a WordPress account, a LinkedIn profile, and a Tumblr account as well.

It does help me stay in contact with friends, heck it even reminds me when their birthdays are coming up, but still I’m not sold on it completely. Well I’ll put it like this; when social media replaces possible face-to-face time, that is where disconnect has ultimately taken its toll. My bestie Mark and I communicate a lot via Facebook but ultimately we come together to hang out and communicate in real life.
Because we are so well connected there are usually few gaps into filling in the other with what’s going on, but still I’ve kind of backed away from pulling out my laptop asap when hanging out with him. Sure it does get to that point where he does his thing and I do mine, but we can usually go 2-3 hours of chatting without being distracted by our technology.


Social media’s a good place to begin, but it’s best you don’t end it there. There’s a big beautiful world out there teeming with potential, and then there’s this:


4 thoughts on “I’m on the fence with social media – 25/28

  1. I feel the same way. Sometimes I will say to my kids “why don’t you call them” and they look at me like i’m crazy!”

  2. Nothing can replace the face-to-face interaction. But when those faces are hundreds of miles away, it helps to look online and see their pictures and read about their activities.

  3. I agree with you Nathanael, whole-heartedly. But I’m a Boomer. Social media and the digital world is the wave of the future. I can’t begin to think how my grandkids will be communicating in a few years.

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