Camping in the rain sucks – 26/28

Back in 1996 I was in Boy Scouts, and during that summer I made my way up to Wisconsin with my Boy Scout troop to a camp called Freeland Leslie. It was a good summer camp, plenty of fun Boy Scout related activities and a canteen that sold us sour candy and Mountain Dew by the boatload.
Yet while we were out there, it rained; to say that it rained a lot was an understatement and interestingly enough while we had a lot of rain Aurora (where most of us were from) had a rain storm that produced 16.91 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. The 2nd highest 24 hour rainfall in the nation’s history, outside of hurricanes.

My tent unfortunately had a leak from the side and on top which became more and more evident as the night continued. I felt naked and lost in the heavy downpour, I was up most of the night and I was wet to the bone. I couldn’t leave my tent in the thick of it, because where was I to go? Sure I could’ve gone knocking tent-to-tent to gimme shelter, but I didn’t. It put a damper on things, but eventually the sun came up and warmed us up again and camp life returned to some resemblance of normal.

I’m glad that wasn’t the model for future Boy Scout summer camps for me. That was probably the worst weather-related camping experience with my Boy Scout troop, it got better from there. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Camping in the rain sucks – 26/28

  1. Oh my gosh! I was the one who took my boys on the scout camping trips and once we got caught in what turned in to a FLOOD… nothing like the above picture… but lightening was crashing around us, we were knee deep in water and a wave of water was washing towards us. I threw everyone in the car and we went home, leaving all our stuff behind. I went back hours later to collect it all. It was SOAKING WET but I had no choice than to put it in the car… thanks for the memories… I’m smiling!

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