Stimulants and depressants; we’re a [self] medicated society (whether we like it or not)

It crossed my mind the other day when I was at work and looking at the meds I give my clients how much society is medicated, or even self-medicated, but more to the point how much I self-medicate.

I need/want coffee to get my day going (stimulant), I eat something to give me energy (a necessary stimulant), I drink caffeinated soda (stimulant) and I, in moderation, drink beer and liquor (depressant). Yet with this up and down of necessary items I realize that I need to find a balance. Yes I do what I can to regulate my sleeping so that I don’t need coffee to drag me out of bed first thing in the morning, but sometimes that’s the jumper cables I need to get going.

Stimulants, as well as depressants can’t be avoided, they just can’t. You need them to live, to survive and perhaps even thrive. It’s what gets marketed to everyone of any demographic in our consumerism society. Yet my mind goes to the Aristotelian line of thought that says “all things in moderation”. Yes there are definitely impacts to our self-medicating on depressants and stimulants, but for what doesn’t harm others or ourselves, balance needs to be found in the consumption of either.

So is there a conclusion when it comes to how we self-medicate as a culture? I think we need to plant the seed of eating right, eating in moderation in our children, especially if we have a say in what they eat at an early age. From what I gather about the food served to kids in school isn’t the best, so perhaps policies should be put in place for that as well. I know for me that my diet isn’t the best at times because I want something out of convenience or proximity or I’m just straight out lazy. So instead of going down the warpath of putting out what I think others should do or could do about any form of stimulant or depressant, I will start with me.



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