My thoughts about Fred Phelps

Whether you want to keep Fred Phelps in your thoughts/prayers or not that’s up to you, but here’s one thing that crosses my mind; Romans 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

I don’t like what the guy stands for, says, et al. But I do recognize that he is an Imago Dei, an image of Christ having been made in the image of God. Sure it can be hard to see much more than his bandwagon of hate and God-hates-everyone.
Some will see his passing as “about time”, I honestly will be sad and pray for him to finally reach out and embrace the grace and love God extends to ALL people. Because if you think of it, if God is a God of love, if God is a God of grace, then it is without exceptions, including Fred Phelps.

My perspective is this; my love for God is most evident in the way I love someone the least. Yes Fred & Westboro Baptist Church are the estranged redheaded stepdaughter much of the time, but I believe in an inclusive & loving & graceful & merciful God. In turn I choose to work at being inclusive, loving, graceful, & merciful. The phrase attributed to Jesus of “go and do likewise” centers me & restores me.



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