Moving past our Sunday School theologies

It has crossed my mind more than once, but recently it has crossed my mind again; our theologies, from what we know about God, needs to move past the Sunday School stage.

The thing is, too often in the church (building) we share with kids at an early age stories from the Bible. We share with them stories of creation, the ark, David and Goliath, Jesus’ birth, life, and death among others…but too often we read and leave those stories in the context of Sunday School, as well as in the context of that time put upon our time rather our time put on that time.
Consider the context of the creation story; all that is the world and universe wrapped up in only 6 days. Yet as we learn and find out through technology and science, if taken literally 6 days is not how long it took to make everything, and if we keep pointing towards what we learned in Sunday School, it is possible we will stunt our theological growth or might flat out reject it because it no longer is a viable source for understanding the world around us.

My bro Ben put it well; “I think Sunday School theology is ok for Sunday school (well, but with less rigidity), because of the developmental stage of small kids, but if it never changes, never develops beyond that that’s really broken, short-sighted, and doesn’t reflect the reality of an adult (or teenager).  We talk about “grown up” movies and television. We need to talk about “grown up” theology.

To get to that place of “grown up” theology I think we need to reexamine the Bible and what is found within the passages in light of our present time. I know that I no longer give weight to a literal 6 day creation, but rather I lean to Theistic Evolution as a means to understand how this all came to be; I see the hands of God in creation, I see the hands of God in evolution. Science isn’t incompatible with faith, but sometimes science is looked at as being an attack on Christendom, an attack that could unravel everything we know. But here’s the thing, the Bible isn’t a literary bifurcation process, it isn’t something that can be summed up as either you believe it ALL of it or you believe NONE of it. There is black and white to be found in the Bible, but there is a lot of gray, and I think there’s more gray than we’re willing to admit to ourselves, corporately, and to the world around us.



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