Grace will set you free (if you’ll allow her)

Grace is a beautiful thing for both the giver and the receiver, it turns the law on its head, it makes life healthier, it makes engagement with others easier, it helps to see both the human and divine in others…but grace, grace will set you free if you only allow her to.

The thing is, grace doesn’t ask for a lot, in fact it gives of itself without expecting anything in return. This can be frustrating at times for those who don’t comprehend it because so often of the time we want someone to get what’s coming to them, we want someone to experience retribution- by our hands or others.
Yet grace frees us from that, it frees us from wanting the worst in someone and it helps us to start to see the best in someone, which goes beyond human comprehension, but that is what makes grace so magical.

In my own life, I realize that grace has won me over and continues to do so. It is God working through me working with grace to help me realize my fragility, my need for being okay when it’s okay to not be okay. But it is also because of grace that I realize I have value and I don’t need to hang my head and think I am unlovable or undesirable.
As a result, I am able to extend similar if not the same grace unto others.
Grace has set me free because I allowed her to do so, won’t you let her do the same?


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