My goals for 2015

My theme for this upcoming year is to be more mindful and assertive.

I also have some goals in mind:

1. Go to lectures and related at places within the community
2. Travel a bit (I’m giving thought to going to Lithuania and Iceland).
3. Get back into shape (we all say this, but I aim to be intentional).
4. Take the I’m Sorry Campaign somewhere new (Portland is on mind, so is San Francisco).
5. Write more and perhaps even channel it into my book about behavioral health.
6. Find ways to be more engaged with NAMI on a local level.
7. Meditate more.
8. Eat less.
9. Give more of myself.
10. Work at not overthinking and overanalyzing anything and everything.
11. Work on being less cynical and be more hopeful.
12. Go on local roadtrips.

So far, that’s what my goals are for 2015!

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