Allow room for change, allow yourself to be changed

I grew up in an environment where  systematic theology was  commonplace; that if you did spiritual act x + y you’d get spiritual result z. But while there is some weight to  systematic theology, like a lot of things, formulas don’t always give the results we’d like. So what becomes of a faith guided by formulaic methodologies? We can lose faith, we can throw in the towel, we can grow jaded and cynical, and so on.
So I propose holding faith with an open heart and open hands. That we hold up our faith with the intention to allow room to change and even more to the point, allow ourselves to be changed.


I find myself aligned to following Christ by way of being a Progressive Christian. And while part of myself is negated when labeled, I find it to be a healthy way to engage others in matters of faith & other ways as well. It is not beneath me nor is it a point of weakness to utter up a “I could be wrong” because my open-handed faith gives me space and grace to question, to doubt, to wonder, among other things.
So I urge you reader to allow God to mess with you, to allow your faith to  transform from black and white thinking and doing to seeing the bright colors God has made and engaging them with open hearts and minds.


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