Morning Meditation 5.23.15

A friend recently asked me the following; “If someone told you they feel like they are going through a challenge and in their own garden of Gethsemane, how would you interrupt that?”

After some mulling it over, I formulated this answer.

“I wouldn’t, I’d listen.

Everyone goes through their own hell, everyone has a cross to bear, most people partake in creating and doing something divine, and some reflect and exclaim “this is very good”.

So if someone is going through their own garden of Gethsemane, I’d chalk it up as being part of the human experience.
We all have personal highs and lows, and perhaps suffering is the common denominator of all humanity. so for someone to go through that kind of event, their own garden of Gethsemane, is both human as well as divine. because as you know, Christ lived with us and he also died for us. I don’t see it as substitutional atonement, she (God) never was, but so often we have gotten in the way and we still do.

If the person is using the language of the garden of Gethsemane, then what you take? The one who responds by force? the one who runs off? The one who falls asleep? Will you take captive an individual who is suffering and agonizing because he/she is cut off from the source of life and love…or will you betray with a kiss?

What you choose to do is up to you. I wish you well and the decision you will make.”

You see, we (humanity) hurt in different ways, it’s an experience we all share even if the type of hurt varies from person to person. Our words aren’t always necessary, and it’s sometimes our presence that can make someone better or even bitter.
So therefore be deliberate in what you do; because in some way, for better or worse, it’ll make all the difference in the world to that person.


One thought on “Morning Meditation 5.23.15

  1. Hi, Son, some of this I cannot quite understand, perhaps you omitted a word or phrase here or there. It’s just not as cogent as your typical writing. Might you take a moment to see if you’ve followed the logic you intended to follow?

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