I am participating in Christians 4 Ramadan / #Christians4Ramadan to the best of my ability


Earlier this year I found out about a movement among some Muslims called #Muslims4Lent; essentially out of solidarity and interfaith appreciation there were those who partook in Lent despite it not being part of their faith tradition. When I found out about this I was deeply moved and resolved to partake in Ramadan when it came.

And it has started, as of sunset June 17th, and will continue through until July 17th. My reasons for partaking in Ramadan are similar to that of those who participated in Muslims 4 Lent, solidarity & interfaith appreciation, but I am also partaking to allot more time to prayer and other practices within my own faith tradition.
I admit, I haven’t fasted before for more than a week, and so I am not sure how my body will handle it given that I won’t be eating (with the exception of at night fall and before dawn.) for a month. As a result I am going to be diligent in participating to the fullest extent, but if health issues occur during my time of fasting I am going to postpone it and pick it up when I can provided I can (which is acceptable when it comes to fasting during the month of Ramadan).

Ramadan Mubarak y’all!


12 thoughts on “I am participating in Christians 4 Ramadan / #Christians4Ramadan to the best of my ability

  1. With each day of fasting ending at sunset, the real temptation is to eat too much when the sun goes down and turn the fast into a feast. Do you remember what Jesus said about fasting? You may want to peruse the gospels to read what He said about this spiritual discipline.

    • This sounds amazing. I have not heard of #Muslim4Lent (but then again I do not follow religious social movements) but I will defo keep a look out for this!

      Wishing you all the best and blessings and hope this month is productive for you.

      A little tip that you may have already got but in case you haven’t – at suhoor/sehri (before dawn), aim to drink lots of water and stay away from coffee/tea as it’s dehydrating. This is something I’ve learnt over the years! Water is more important than the food.

  2. One of the basic principles of Islam is to deceive non-Muslims about their religion and intent. Islam is, and has always been, a religion of deceit, violence, and intolerance.

      • By years of study, conversations with Muslims, and the fact if you actually read Islam commentators and the Hadith it is beyond obvious.

        Islam is well characterized by 3 stages of Jihad. 4 stages if you include many Muslims who just inherited Islam from their parents in the western world and don’t actually know what their religion is about (and will largely tell you nonsense about Islam as a “religion of peace”).

        1. Muslims are a small minority. Then they preach “tolerance.”

        2. Muslims are a significant minority. They become much more vocal and often violent, demanding all sorts of concessions to their “faith.”

        3. Muslims are a majority. Tolerance ends. If you are not a Muslim it is a privileged to pay the dhimmī tax to be allowed to live (if you are among the “people of the Book,” i.e., Jews and Christians).

        Islam preaches that heathens can and should be enslaved or killed. They killed millions of Hindus in the conquest of India. In Islamic thought at the end of times (which nations like Iran would like to hasten) the very trees and rocks will shout, “There is Jew behind me o faithful Muslim, come and slay him!”).

        That is exactly what real Islam is about. Deceit until they have the power to enforce their intolerance.

      • I didn’t know you were God and therefore know the hearts and minds of men and women, oh wait, you’re not! Learn to operate your life from a posture of love and not fear-mongering and ignorance.

      • “Learn to operate your life from a posture of love and not fear-mongering and ignorance.”

        In other words, “ignorance” is anything that you don’t agree with. We can love our wayward brothers while understanding that their beliefs are _not_ based in love. But in the final analysis what is true, and nothing else is true.

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