Cooking as a spiritual exercise; day 1 of Ramadan

Today as of the sunset marked the first whole day of Ramadan on June 18th I partook in one of my favorite spiritual exercises; cooking. I admit, it took a lot out of me to fast but in the time I cooked and ate before dawn and also at sunset I found serenity, calm, but also God.
I love cooking, I really do; adding ingredients, spices, fusion & improvisational, cultural, and lest I forget the byproduct of cooking- eating!
So as I took time to cook for myself, I cooked in moderation and I took time to vocalize thankfulness to God. I honestly believe that, in moderation, God wants us to enjoy food; for nourishment as well as enjoyment. Because as y’all know, there are some good foods out there that aren’t healthy for you but that’s why moderation is key!

It is in the act of cooking that I’m able to slow down my busy life & focus on the task at hand. It’s very centering to me, akin to my times of prayer and meditation. Perhaps it’s out of sustenance and sustaining that I am able to connect with The Great Sustainer, that I’m able to feed myself and others and we are fed and we rejoice in the goodness of each other’s company and being no longer hungry.

So with all that being said, gratitude / thankfulness / food has been my keywords on this first day of Ramadan. Thanks be to God, The Great Sustainer, for food and every good thing.

Salaam alaikum be yours now and always,


4 thoughts on “Cooking as a spiritual exercise; day 1 of Ramadan

  1. .As salam alaikum Ramadan Kareem. excellent observation. Thank you for sharing Insha Allah I am going to re log! 😁

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