Listening as a spiritual exercise; day 3 of Ramadan

Today I entirely slept through pre-dawn breakfast. I tried to wake up for it but my body was tired more than hungry. Yet when I came to from my slumber I was hungry, but I resisted the urge to something and I started my day. It started off with a bit of prayer and a bit of writing, as I took some time to write about day 1 and 2 of my experiences of Ramadan. I see a lot of every day practices as being spiritual, and by writing it out I find it to be more apparent with how spiritual the event truly was. When I was done with my writing I set out to go to a new church per my church incognito project…

My understanding of the Seventh-Day Adventist was very limited, and per my adventurous spirit, I set out to go to the one in my community to experience it corporately. With open ears and an open mind, to listen and talk to members of the church about what being Seventh-Day Adventist means to them.

Now I won’t disclose what I gleaned from my time at the Seventh-Day Adventist church because that’s what my next post is going to be about, but I will say this, I talked to the pastor as well as members of the congregation and it was truly rewarding to talk at length but also to listen at length as well. I now have a broader perspective of what Seventh-Day Adventists than I did before and it was truly a good time inasmuch a God time.

This was my first interaction with anyone today and it truly set the course for actively listening to those around me for the duration of the day. I actively listened to what my pastor said per his message about fathers and it nearly moved me to tears because I recalled my time of being a father once before; it was a brief slice of my history, but I am thankful to God for the time I was a father and I look forward to the next time! I even found myself more engaged to the conversations over dinner with friends and acquaintances; I usually listen, but I found myself more in tune to what was being said and I think I contributed more than I usually do.

So with all that being said, listening was my keyword on this third day of Ramadan. Thanks be to God, The Great Listener, for God truly listens to all of that we say and God eagerly awaits for us to communicate. God still speaks, but sometimes God’s voice is found in the still and the silence rather than the noise, and sometimes we ourselves need to sit in the still and silence in order to listen to hear the voice of God.

Salaam alaikum be yours now and always,

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