Writing as a spiritual exercise; day 4 of Ramadan


I was able to make it to pre dawn breakfast! I had a breakfast of fresh strawberries and two poached eggs. I ate them and thank God for them, and then I went back to bed for another two hours.

I decided that morning but I wanted to go to a local church I haven’t been to before; for the experience, for life in community, and also as part of my church incognito project.

Church was very good, I went to a Church Of The Brethren, and I will be writing about that in a day or two. What struck me about the church I attended was their vocalization about the shooting at the church in Charleston, and about racially motivated violence in the USA. One of the men in the service read off a letter written by the General Secretary Stanley J. Noffsinger, the head of their denomination, and it was a beautiful letter of solidarity and support for the AME Church in Charleston (click here to read it).

I was partially inspired by this letter to take the time to be intentional in writing letters to my parents as I haven’t communicated with them for a while. So when church was over I made my way back to my apartment, and I started writing. I went over several rough drafts, ever wanted to capture everything for the most part without coming across as redundant. As I was writing by hand I realized how much I had to say and wanted to say, I wouldn’t say I was long winded, but I think I said enough this time around.
It was truly cathartic and and its own right, freeing. When I was done writing, I promptly dropped off my letters at my parents house.

So with all that being said, writing was my keyword on the 4th day of Ramadan. Thanks me to God, The Great Writer, who writes on our hearts and our minds dreams desires goals and aspirations. May we be inspired by what is written on our hearts and our minds and change the world for good!

Salaam alaikum be yours now and always,


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