Sleeping as a spiritual exercise; day 8 of Ramadan

Because of my work schedule during the weekdays I find myself waking up rather early in the morning, and I find myself waking up earlier still for breaking the fast. Subsequently I have moments in my life where I have to catch up with my sleep during a time where I wouldn’t normally sleep, today was one of those days.

I played A LOT of basketball with my students, an exhausting amount in fact. It’s wonderful to play with my students, but I am rather exhausted from playing during this month of Ramadan. Still I keep on going and do what I can to win, as whenever I step on the court I don’t intend to merely play but to win (and most of the time that is the case).

So post-work I took care of a few errands and then I went back to my apartment to get some sleep. It was absolutely glorious! I am a fan naps, and yet there are times where I hit the snooze button on my alarm because I do not want to get out of bed…but I have to, things need to get done including time for prayer and breaking the fast.

It is good to nap, to catch up with sleep and perhaps therein get some rest. I don’t nap often, but when I do I always feel better for it. The human body needs sleep to survive, it’s kind of sad and worrisome when I see my coworkers go through the days tired as can be and they trick themselves into thinking all they need is some caffeinated and they’ll be good to go. It helps, but only on the most temporal of levels, a good night’s sleep is what the body truly needs and caffeine only works to a certain extent.

So with all that being said, sleeping was my keyword on this 8th day of Ramadan. Thanks me to God, The Provider of Sleep, giving us a reprieve from life in order to recharge our batteries. May we always be thankful for the sleep we receive and strive to give ourselves space to get more if we’re able to do so.

Salaam alaikum be yours now and always,

4 thoughts on “Sleeping as a spiritual exercise; day 8 of Ramadan

  1. Wallaykum as Salam!

    This is so important! Thanks for writing.

    I’m a little confused because in your ‘about’ page you have you’re a Christian. I have not read back in your blogs as I only came across your blog yesterday but I was just wondering why you are fasting.

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