Don’t be like me (be yourself)

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde

My 7am to 3pm on a weekly basis is spent working with youth in a psychiatric residential treatment facility; in essence, I work with youth who have behavioral health / multi need / Autism Spectrum Disorder issues. It’s difficult work but I love what I do for the most part.

Given that I work a regular shift and work with pretty much the same students when I’m not picking up overtime, I’m a common face to those I work with. With that being said, I think I do a pretty good job at what I do; I actively listen, I problem solve, I help out with activities on-site, I play basketball and other sports with them, I go on walks with them, and I also take time to simply BE with them. So I understand that it’s those kind of qualities that people, not only students, are drawn to. It also makes sense why some of my students made known to me today that they want to be like me.

When it was brought up earlier today I quickly turned the conversation to one of don’t be like me, be yourself. I gave them a simple and sweet answer akin to the Oliver Wilde quote, but here I want to expound upon it.
Here’s the thing, if we desire to be like someone else we ignore our self and what we can do to be the best version of ourselves. Sure, take on attributes and qualities you see in me that you like and what to make for your own, but take them and make them for yourselves and for those around you.

In this life we’re all headed down the path, but the path despite being crowded with 7.3 BILLION people (thanks World Population Clock!) we all walk it for our self and ourselves alone. So I cannot walk it for you inasmuch as you cannot walk it for me, but I am certain we can all testify to sometimes wanting someone else to carry the burden we’re faced while walking this path but we cannot physically pass it off to another human BEing (but yes, we can find people to walk with who can share with us our hardships as well as our good times).

So find people to walk with, find the good in others and make them yours, after all, “be yourself everyone else is taken.”



2 thoughts on “Don’t be like me (be yourself)

  1. I think when someone says they want to be like you, they don’t mean a direct copy. They want to be themselves but also want to have some of the same positive qualities they see in you. We have an insight into ourselves that nobody else will ever have and we try to use that to our advantage but sometimes we need to look closer at why someone would want to be like us to really understand what they see.

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