Red Letter Christ-centric Universalism 101: An Introduction

Several months ago one of my youth ministry students asked me (and I cannot remember the context for the life of me) “Do Muslims worship the same God we do?” Given that this answer is a loaded one I told him I would love to talk to him what I think about this at a later time, not that I didn’t have a personal answer for him but I had to unpack it for him.

You see, I have a means in which to intellectually converse with older human beings, human beings that are able to hold within their minds the concrete and the abstract, the both/and, the humanity and the divinity…but, with all that being said, I’ve never unpacked this at a level that makes sense to junior highers. And I got to thinking that this blog, this platform I have for thought and consciousness, could be the ideal place to start writing it out for a younger audience.
I realize my blog isn’t junior high-savvy, but still I think that this place is a good one, a safe one, for me to unpack my views and I’m going to do so. Yes it’ll be a bit more lingual-simplistic than when I talk to older human beings (interestingly enough I’ve presented my views to my coworkers who’ve inquired), and I am not saying that you the reader aren’t capable to understand my belief system, this is my sandbox and this is how I play and how I will play.

So come along for the ride into delving into Red Letter Christ-centric Universalism with me, it’ll be a lot of fun if you are patient and suspend disbelief to engage in my faith system.

Ready set go!


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