Red Letter Christ-centric Universalism 101: Two views on Heaven, two views on Hell (part 1)

I have two different views a piece for heaven and for hell, and again these aren’t views I hold with a close hand but rather an open one. I very well could be wrong in both cases, but still I want to put them here for this series that I am doing on Red Letter Christ-centric Universalism…

Perspective of Heaven 1
The first perspective I have when it comes to Heaven is one where everyone in all of humanity, everyone past and present, will be there in the presence of God. I like to think of the kingdom of God in active verbs and not static, and I’d like to think that we will be serving one another to the best of our abilities in what we excelled at here on earth.
So with this given perspective of Heaven, you’ll find me cooking food up for everyone! 😀 There is a part of me that truly believes that our gifts and strengths from this side of eternity will be used for some greater good on the other side.

Perspective of Heaven 2
The second perspective I have for Heaven is one where Heaven is for those who need it. Take for example my own life:
– I am a white male
– I have a job
– I make enough to pay the bills and save as well
– I have a college degree
– I have a roof over my head
– I have access to food
– I have access to clean water
– I have a car
– I have family
– I have friends
So when it comes to Heaven, what do I truly need it for? I do what I can to commune and interact with God very very regularly, but some place or something else after I pass away, no thanks I could do without (from this perspective of Heaven, that is).
And yet in foreign countries there are little kids who work side-by-side their parents and perhaps other siblings making Nike products, Adidas products, Old Navy products, etc. in sweat shops! Their work conditions are horrible, their living conditions barely a resemblance of living, and their situation is absolutely dire. These individuals need a relief from their Hell on earth in some shape or form that transcends their unfortunate lives, they need a Heaven more than I do! So my second perspective is for people who really need something better than what they have in this life, a better place that is dynamic and the ultimate form of good they never really knew while they were living. Now for the rest of us who’ve had a good run, why do we need anything else?

But, I could be wrong…(continued)


4 thoughts on “Red Letter Christ-centric Universalism 101: Two views on Heaven, two views on Hell (part 1)

  1. Hi, Son. I do really, really appreciate that you are pursuing answers to important questions, resolutions to some of the most difficult issues we all can face. And at this point in your life I am glad to see you hold points of view with an open hand.

    In the not too distant past you and I agreed to study the words of Jesus together. I’m thinking that studying what Jesus had to say about heaven and eternal life and hell would be a great place to start! How about if we start this study this month . . . and you can report back on our study together through your blog?

    LoLove FAE, DAD

  2. Hi, Nathanael, your first perspective of Heaven, if I may sum it up, is: Heaven

     Contains everyone

     Means God’s presence

     Involves us doing, especially using our gifts and strengths

     And, doing good

    And / or Heaven means:

     It is a place, or some sort of existence

     It is still some sort of dynamic (doing) situation

     It is relief

     And relief for those who need it

     That is, those who are experiencing Hell on earth

     Who are experiencing a worse life than you are

     Who are experiencing a worse life than many others whose life has been a good run

    Does this sum up your two perspectives on heaven?

    LoLove (Lots of Love) FAE (Forever and ever), Dad (Dad)

  3. I was always under the impression that heaven was not a place we were meant to “go to.” The biblical representation always seems to portray it as something that comes to us. In depictions of what some have called “the end times,” Scripture paints a picture of the kingdom of God being a place where heaven meets earth; the concept being that no longer will God and creation be separated, physically or spiritually. This thought has always brought to mind “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, Where God, desperate to reach Adam, is straining and reaching, coming ever closer.

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