Christmas Holidazed and Confused

As we near Christmas, I realize more and more that I dislike the holiday. Now Advent Sundays, the weeks leading up to Christmas are some of my favorite weeks within the church calendar, but I have a certain disdain for Christmas.

A part of me dwells on Christmases past; some years were good, spent with individuals who weren’t part of my immediate family, and some years it was lonely and depressing, Christmas spirit was extinct in those years. There’s also the part of me that dwells on Christmas present, and while I am content with my life I still want more out of it (why I’m going back to school among other things).

I can’t pinpoint it on these alone, there’s the part of me that abhors the commercialism of it all. Now don’t get me wrong, I love giving gifts (more than receiving them) and watching the “wow” in their eyes, but when the reasons for the Christmas holiday are misaligned, I’m prone to seethe a bit.
When it comes to gifts and receiving, I might / probably come across as ungrateful, but at this time in my life I would much rather the money used to purchase things for me go to a charity or organization of my choosing rather than some new bauble to entertain me for a short while.

I do what I can not to dwell on the haves and have-nots in my life, and when it comes to Christmas it isn’t any different. I am still pushing forward to make a better life for myself, hoping and desiring and working for Christmases to come when I’m not so dazed and confused by it all, rather I choose (because everything that is comes from choice) to transcend the bullshit and learn to accept Christmases in stride. Taking it all in and eating the meat and spitting out the bones.

This Christmas will be a meaningful one after all! 🙂

Onward and upward,

3 thoughts on “Christmas Holidazed and Confused

  1. I’m similarly burned out. I always tell them what I need rather than a want. For example, my sister is getting me a new brush and comb and my mom is (I hope!) Getting me a calendar for my home office area.

  2. Hi, Son. I confess I never gave you a clear picture of the benefits, nor did I give you a consistent picture of positive practices, in celebrating Christmas. I continue to deplore the crass commercialism that commonly characterizes Christmas, as you do. However, I am finding multiple benefits these days in celebrating Jesus’s birthday.

    First, in giving gifts I am reminded of what God our Father in heaven has done in giving us His greatest gift – you are quite familiar with what the scriptures say about this – “For God so loved the world that He gave His one-and-only Son Jesus, so that whoever believes in Him (Jesus) shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    And second, I find the Christmas season to be a prime time to most naturally and non-invasively by song and discussions share the historical story of the arrival of God in the flesh, Jesus, who is God with us, and according to the scriptures, who came to save His people from their sins.

    I look forward to telling you some day about the 2015 Christmas Eve party where I was most privileged to share the biblical, historical Christmas story through song (accompanied by dulcimer). And I hope that in the future together we may celebrate Christmas to the honor of God and to our benefit and the benefit of others.

    God’s blessings to you this new year, Son. May you continue to grow in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and men!

    LoLove FAE, Dad

    • Also, your sister has a Christmas gift from me to you, given in honor of God our Father who has given us so much, and with the hope you will healthily blend into the new year and years beyond!

      LoLove FAE, Dad

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