Morning Meditation 2.23.16

morning meditation 2.23.16

as a follower of Christ I know that my love for God is best demonstrated by whom I love the least, and as I sit here in my car minutes before I start work I’m mediating on that.

you see, I’ve been having a difficult time doing that lately, loving the other that is, and I have a coworker who would be “the other” in my case; he’s loud, arrogant, not a good listener, rehearsed rhetoric when it comes to what he thinks about the LGBTQ+ community… we’ve duked it out verbally when it comes to these matters, he still doesn’t get it (and no, in this instance I don’t equate “getting it” as taking the side I have in this matter).

Yet yesterday before the work day ended he asked me to stand in solidarity with him, a little gesture, but he asked to do so anyway.
gut response; “why in the hell should I stand in solidarity with you?”
But Jesus got the better of me, and I said “yes I will do that with you.”

The way of Jesus is difficult and goes against the grain of my natural instincts and reactions. I’m not standing in solidarity for praise or respect of my peers, I’m doing it because Jesus would want me to.

This is how I show love today, with the other who has offended me and those I love dearly. Not my love per se, but the love of Jesus.

~ Nathanael~

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