Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate; what’s the point?

It has come across in my news feed on Facebook that tonight there’s going to be a debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham (you can watch it live here). I find it more than slightly unnerving that this is going to take place, and maybe more unnerving is people rooting for it. The thing is, I bet if Bill Nye and Ken Ham took the time to dialogue they could probably find some common ground in the midst of their different viewpoints, if they took the time to graciously listen to the other person a lot of good could come from it, but I am a skeptic to the debate being a “good thing” because of several reasons:

1) If they’re debating, they’re already coming into it with their views and perspectives intact and they will leave with it intact.
2) They will be bring their big guns out with the aim to destroy the other person.
3) There will probably be some educated/formalized insulting of the other person.
4) Versus is a GREAT (sarcastic) way to perpetuate an Us Against Them paradigm.
5) Both followers of either sides will have fundamentalists who will relish in the verbal carnage that takes place.
6) What good will come from this except for either individual’s views being put out there to a possibly larger audience…

I truly wish that it was a time for Bill Nye and Ken Ham to lay down their verbal weapons of mass destruction and just listen to the other. Sure, throw in some Q&A time, but listening…that’s a key to any relationship, whether it’s a good one or even a bad one, and only good things can come from listening.