The road goes ever on – 11/28

I am an autophile and I love to drive, which are good things…except for the fact of gas prices being in flux, but all the while…mile after mile of smiles!

The longest stretches of driving (so far) has been going from Phoenix AZ to Aurora IL in the 1988 Toyota Corolla my grandmother bequeathed to my sister, and the one time I drove from Aurora IL to Nashville TN to spend some time with my sister (which interestingly enough I talked about last time there was a  WeWorkForCheese‘s writing/blogging challenge).

Yet lately the road has beckoned again, but this time it will be different from anything I have ever done. My plan is as follows:
1) Peruse Craigslist in southern states (more than I do)
2) Find me a rust free…
3) Make sure it is in working order prior to flying out to…said southern state.
4) Drive it back to IL!


Yes, I am a fan of the early Z Cars, and preferably I’d like to pick up a 280Z 5-speed RUST FREE version of this car…but I am wary that salted roads ala winter time in IL might not be conducive to such a rust prone car. One of my better friends drives a Mazda Miata, and as tempting as a rear wheel drive Miata is to me, I’d like a rear wheel drive car of another breed.

I am an ardent reader of the SpeedHunters blog and I get Pavlov Dog-ish when I see properly taken care of Z Cars, cars that look so good despite their age! I too want to be one of those Z Car owners, and I really don’t know if I’d keep it clean and stock, or modify it; as there’s a plethora of aftermarket parts, both keeping with the stock theme but also there are LSx swaps and other engine swaps to give it more bang for ones bucks!

I don’t know yet when I’ll do this, but it’s in the back of mind too much of time and only in the front of my mind sometime. Yet I think it will be a worth while trip, a roadtrip, to find a car of my auto-based dreams and drive it back! 🙂


24/31 – A spontaneous moment in my life that that turned out to be fantastic

A spontaneous moment in my life that that turned out to be fantastic

I was invited via mail to test drive the then new Lexus IS-F, which in case if you don’t know what it looks like here are some photos:

416 horse power
Zed to 60 in 4.6 seconds
Quarter mile in 13 seconds…

All this for me to test drive,
Oh did I mention that I was invited to test drive this car at the local track?

Not the best photo for it, but I was invited to test drive the Lexus IS-F on this track (Autobahn Country Club), so I quickly filled out the information so as to reserve a spot…my father found out and decided he wanted a go at it, why not? I thought and so I got him signed up for the event as well.

I love cars, for their design (when it’s a good design) for their speed (’nuff said) and for their heritage. I have a lot of car books, I’ve attended the Chicago Auto Show 13 years running, I love car shows and I love that there are lot of good ones in my area… So given the opportunity to drive one, around a track no less, I’m all for it!

It was simply a beautiful day for driving, and when we got there we got a lowdown as to how it was going to go. A little practicing to give us inexperienced track drivers a chance to get a feel for the track, it so happened that I was the lead car after the pace car, so I set the par and I drove as fast (responsibly, mind you) as I could. I did get it up to 100 miles per hour in the longer straights, if I knew more about the car and the track I probably would have given it more.

After our track time we were invited to get in the car with a professional driver…so we did, and wow, good driver + fast speeds = fun!

It took just one time to work in my mind that I want to have more track time in my life, the track bug bit hard and I can’t wait to do it again. My father however had enough for one life time, his stomach was…moved, and we had to make a brief system to get that “cleared up” as it were.


8/31 – What has led me to where I am now

What has led me to where I am now

This is quite the loaded question but I’m willing to give it a shot…

I am a follower of Christ based upon the fact that I chose to my faith and trust in who Jesus is and what he did. My walk with him hasn’t been a lot of mountaintop experiences, but I’m okay with that, I am comfortable with being in the valley in the midst of other people who are in the valley which puts me in a good place in building relationships because there isn’t a sense of elitism, a me-looking-down-at-them perspective. If God is on the side of the underdogs, the oppressed, the marginalized, the down-and-out, the castaways, the proverbial “least of these” I am glad to walk with them and share in their good times as well as bad.

I am the oldest son of an oldest son of an oldest son of an oldest son of an only son…Fate? Coincidence? I don’t know, but I do wish there was some form of a birth rite to honor this position put upon me, but since there isn’t one I will have to make one for my eldest son when I get there in life.

I work with people in the Behavior Health field, which I got this job due to my connections, my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a little bit of previous experience.

I enjoy photography, which stemmed from using a Polaroid camera b.i.t.d (back in the day) and stinky disposable cameras. For a while it was my sister who was the photographer, but I made quantum leaps once everything pretty much went digital.

I enjoy the great outdoors more than the ‘great’ indoors because I spent a lot of time camping in Wisconsin when I was younger, because I feel God’s presence in a grove of trees or on a beach with the waves crashing upon the shore.

I’m involved in youth ministry because 10 years ago I felt the call to go into youth ministry, and for the past 9 years I have been working in different churches and parachurch forms of youth ministry. I don’t know where I’ll end up eventually, but I pray and feel the tug to head out to Southern California and work with high school students. Any takers? 😉 Seriously tho, I do need to network and make contacts with churches out there.

I’m into cars too much (Auto addict, yeah…maybe I am) because some of them are fast, some of them look great, and some have best of both worlds going for them. I have a lot of car books and memories, my favorite of the latter have been the following: 1) Liking a guy’s brand new British Racing Green Jaguar XJ6 back in 1988, my earliest car memory 2) Getting some track time in an Audi/BMW/Lexus, I want more track time, it’s very fun and most of the time fast! 3) Being invited to check out the then new Bugatti Veyron in Chicago with my bro… I like cars and hope to have something fun and track capable in the future.

I choose to build bridges between the Christian community and the LGBT community, I wrote about it here.

I think that covers most of who I am, if needed be I will edit this post.