When self hypocrisy stares you in the face

Recently I’ve been faced with self hypocrisy, not in the form of a person who is just like me but a person who is reminds me of myself when I was younger. Someone I work with nowadays shares many traits similar to me when I was his age, mostly using humor to alleviate tension or humor to hide what’s really going on. Humor has it’s place, but when it is used in times of seriousness, it doesn’t have a place… So to see this individual do this, I see me when I was younger, and with the difficulties it carried for me then I want to know this individual’s story, I want to know more, so that maybe some how some way God can use me to help this person.

But I must admit, seeing this individual carry on in humorous ways when not appropriate strikes a chord of hypocrisy, but when I see him and recognize I was like that, I get a dose of self hypocrisy and I recognize that there’s a need to invest time in this guy’s life…and I am willing if he himself is willing.

It has taken me a while to get to this point in my life where I recognize self hypocrisy in myself, but also the drive to change that part of me. Personal change does require work, you can’t sit back casually and expect the problem to take care of itself. Change requires a game plan, it requires people who’ll hold you accountable, it requires the willingness to be held accountable, it requires recognizing that some pain may occur as the norm up to that point is being discarded and replaced with something better.

So with that in mind, and where I’m at right now in life I am compelled to face my self hypocrisy head on and do what I can to bring about change. Change for myself, but also change for this individual. But while I may have all my proverbial ducks in a row, the other person has to make the choice themselves, I can foster it but I cannot instill it. Change requires choice, whether you want to bring about change starts with whether you want to or not.

I haven’t worked out things on my end and of course I need to talk to the individual, but I am confident that I can help this person out, because I’ve been there myself and though it was a trying time, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t get help from some people in my life.