what do you do when your inclusive community has conflict?

I honestly don’t know.

But I am willing to learn, willing to BE a part of this experience, and hope for the best because I really don’t know how it’ll play out…
Community can be a complicated thing sometimes, because people are complicated and come with complications. It’s not that they can’t be worked through, in fact, the differences and complications flavor a community even more so as a result. Yet I realize that a community works best if there’s a common purpose for all even if those individuals are coming from diverse backgrounds. It makes it that much more easier if said individuals can each vocalize in their own way, why they’re “here” and perhaps even where they’re coming from that has brought them to this point.
So the best I can surmise at this time within my community is that provided we’re honest to ourselves and to others as to what’s going on, we’ll be able to get through this. If members choose to bottle up their emotions (and provided they keep it solely there) they hurt themselves only…not the healthiest of options, but not everyone is able to communicate what’s going on, let alone, communicate what they’re feeling or thinking.