6 bean red and green chili with smoked turkey tails



1 can of butter beans


1 can of red kidney beans


1 can of chickpeas


1 can of black beans


1 can of Lima beans


1 can of navy beans


smoked turkey tails


1 bottle of Guinness


4 ounces of buffalo wing sauce


4 ounces of teriyaki sauce


4 ounces of jalapeño lime wing sauce
4 ounces of Herdez salsa chipotle sauce


4 ounces of Hatch Valley Salsa (green Chile peppers)
Put all ingredients into crockpot, stir, sprinkle a little 5 Chinese Spice, cook for 7 hours on high + 1 on low.

For the love of Blintzes (but what do I know about love?) – 14/28

File:Blini Tanya.jpg

I’m going to be honest, prior to looking up Wikipedia’s entry on blintzes, I had no idea what they were. But it looks good, really good.

I am a fan of breakfast, I really am, but I’m no early riser if I can help it. Thankfully there are places that serve breakfast foods at non-breakfast times! Otherwise I probably could go years without eating some wholegrain waffles with fresh slices of strawberries and whip cream…or blintzes…but thankfully I am a capable and adaptable cook. I do like pancakes, crepes, and latkes. So I guess provided I find a decent blintz recipe I’ll fire up my stove top and make some. 🙂


Tales from the Kitchen – 13/18


There are times where I know what I am doing in the kitchen from the beginning of what I am cooking to the finished project. But sometimes, just sometimes, I’m not as confident in my cooking. Thank goodness for experimentation and unintended consequences of a delicious nature!

For example. The first time I made breaded pork chops was a few months ago. I have made pork chops in a plethora of ways before, by breaded pork chops were uncharted territory. I knew about the egg, the buttermilk, the flour…but seasoning? I didn’t really have a clue! So I added some Indian tandoori powder, some garlic powder, some smoked sea salt and ground ginger. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was also partially worried that some of the seasonings would over power the others, but when all was said and done.

It was unintended results, but good ones, and sometimes life presents those kind of results and you’ve just got to take them as you get them!


I have the cooking skills to pay the bills – 6/28


One of my passions in this life is food; eating food, preparing food, cooking food, entertaining others with food. 🙂

When I was younger so much younger than today… I was a real problematic child to my mom; oh I was a hell-raiser, and I did a disservice to her by being as belligerent and stubborn as I was. I still am in some ways, but it’s more constructive, or so I convince myself.

Anyway, cooking, despite being a hellion to my mom I was the only child who showed interest in helping out around the kitchen (cooking wise). She and I would cook together and just BE, I’d hear stories about her relatives who were bakers and it was interesting to keep some part of our family history alive by cooking. Interestingly enough to compliment my father’s side of the family, relatives on his side of the family were butchers. I also recall enjoying watching The Frugal Gourmet on PBS when I was little, but then again I was an odd little boy.

In a way, cooking has been a haven for me because I enjoy experimentation, preparation, and consumption of whatever it is that I am cooking. I really enjoy the aspect of cooking that is cooking for others, heck, one of the criteria of the apartments I’m checking out is better-ish cooking and entertaining space. I think the main reason why I like cooking for others is because it is one of the ways I like to show that I care and love whomever I’m with, whether friends or family, my love is in the food I am making.

The only draw back is currently I cannot do that, the kitchen I work out of is small and cramped 😦 But I’m looking, and hopefully I find something better 🙂 I can’t say if I will ever have a sizable kitchen to call my own, but I can dream, and plan, and wish that someday I don’t have to tune out the sirens of domestic blissitude that call to me when I’m at Ikea that pique my “what-if” interests…someday, someday… Until then I will make do with what I have instead of what I don’t, but I guess that’s applicable in other areas of life and not just in cooking.

Bon Appetite!

12/30 – Whoever said the kitchen was woman’s territory only?

Whoever said the kitchen was woman’s territory only?

I love to cook, bake, prepare, experiment, sample, whip, whisk, beat, mash, broil, boil and filet…but the best part of cooking? Eating! 🙂

There’s something about cooking that is zen to me; I appreciate spending investing time in making a meal for myself but I actually prefer cooking for others. On my mother’s side of the family there are bakers and on my father’s side there are butchers, and when it trickles down to me I like being balanced so I do both.

Out of the 4 kids in my family I am probably the one who cooks the most and consequently experiments the most. I am glad that I don’t have cable otherwise I might spend more than my fair share of watching cooking shows. I caught a bit of a foodie documentary of sorts the other day, and while I didn’t watch all of it I did find the entire episode on YouTube – Sandwiches that you will like

One thing I like about summer is that there are more garage sales, which means that I can get cooking gear inexpensively. So far this summer I have purchased a bread machine for $10 and a Belgium Waffle maker for $1! Speaking of the latter, I made some waffles today and I failed…but I didn’t give up; I ditched my first batch of batter because it said it would be too lumpy, my batter was too runny, so I grabbed a pancake mix and followed that mix’s directions for waffles, still runny…so I added more batter, made sure my waffle iron was hot enough and greased up for cooking, failure again…

But I persisted and I came out ahead! Success! Look at my awesome waffle 🙂

But that’s cooking for ya, experimentation and improvisation are part of the game and I love it.