10/31 – Something at which I’ve been a champion or the best

Something at which I’ve been a champion or the best

I don’t know if I’ve ever been a champion or the best at something, but one say I will say with I love doing which jokingly I throw out sometime is that “I can cook better than any woman except for Julia Child and my mom”. By no means do I mean this, but yes, I am a guy who loves to cook.

When I was younger so much younger than today…

My mom and I did not get along; since I was home-schooled, she was my teacher as well as my principal, since she was there while my father was absent, so she had to play both roles to some extent…and I wasn’t truly keen in having my mom act as my dad as well, so we were at odds against each other nearly every single day because of my rebellion and hating the system.

Except…when it came to cooking. Jobs of my ancestors on my father’s side were butchers (Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle is in some way about my ancestors) and on my mother’s side they were bakers…so to some degree I know a bit of both. My mom and I would bake, try new recipes, et al concerning cooking.

I had a good time learning the essentials of cooking from my mom, and with fondness that is sometimes found in hindsight, those were probably the best and most health interactions I had with my mom growing up. Yet it seemed where I excelled in the kitchen my sisters were rather stunted; I’m not going into some diatribe about supposed gender roles or what have you, but they really weren’t that interested in cooking and baking and so my mom let it slide. With sorrow in her hindsight about those days when it came to cooking and baking, my mom wished she at least imparted some cooking skills to my sisters, but the past is the past…

But in these present times, I LOVE cooking, albeit the family kitchen is very very tiny and it upsets me. Hopefully in time when I have a place of my own the kitchen will be a little bit bigger, so I can cook and entertain for those I love and care deeply about. Hospitality and food, if I can do it I WILL do it! 🙂 I’ve also gotten into experimenting and trying new things, I am a foodie to the core, because my rationale is that I will try any food once, if I don’t like it I don’t have to have it again. Writing this out makes me want to purchase one of my most unusual foods I’ve ever eaten, the Durian.

I don’t buy a lot of cooking equipment due to the lack of a kitchen and a place to call my own, but this past weekend I was garage sailing in the town over from where I live and I bought a used but still working bread machine for $10! I was so excited, because in my mind I had an idea of what I would like to purchase at the garage sales I went to and a bread machine was one of the items! So soon enough I will make some bread of my own to consume and share with others.

I am glad to have learned how to cook from my mom, it’s still something that we do together and it’s a whole lot of fun to cook something that has love and time written all over it…try achieving that with your PB&J or Ramen Noodle soup! Ha! 😉