Of God, the universe, and how the more I know the less I know

Imagine if you will the universe. We as humans have a desire to make sense of the world around us as well as the universe around us, and so we send objects in space to take photos of us and then some. What we can see is appropriately known as “The Observable Universe”;


and it is as we zoom out we can see the complexity and the magnitude of the universe. We get lost in the bigness of it all, we are enamored of the complexity and we are compelled to travel farther into space.

and in a similar fashion, that’s how I “observe” God.


It is true, that God is as big as you’ll allow God to be, so if you make God convenient, bite-sized, put-God-in-your-pocket, manageable, domesticated, and so forth…God will remain that small. God will be knowable, comprehensible, understandable, and you never need wonder what is God up to because God has been reduced to a systematic theory and thus is fully known.

But, if you are one for dreaming big and offering up bold statements to God, try this one on for size; “God I want to know more about you, on your terms and not my own”. It’s not an uttering of magic words, it’s simply allowing God to be freed from the constructs we impose upon God.

It is under these circumstances that we go further and further out and see how small we truly are inasmuch how big God is; the box we once contained God to is a mere blip, and the further out we go the less we know and yet it is because of this we are compelled to go out farther still.


So let go of the God you once claimed to know and go farther. And as you go out you will see your smallness and fragility, but embrace the fact that God loves you deeply and completely!


Carl Sagan makes me cry

Now look, I don’t know where Carl Sagan is, but God knows and that’s all that matters…


Carl Sagan wrote a book called Cosmos and from the book a TV series came to be. Now I happen to own Cosmos (book and TV series) and it is absolutely phenomenal for the person interested in space because it is very detailed about various topics that can expand your mind of how big the universe really is!


Now, while not instilled by Carl Sagan, I am one to believe that the has no end, that is there isn’t some “celestial wall” we (if we’re still around) will someday bump into. The universe does have an expiration date but despite of this, the further out we go the further the universe will present itself.

I Carl Sagan, some of my closest friends in real life would say I have a bit of a “man crush” on him but that’s besides the point. The guy knew his stuff very well and he is funny, amusing and it drives me to deep thought with some tears thrown in.
I cry because it is so freaking beautiful, the size of the universe, the detail, the intricate aspects that…point to a Creator, point to a Divine Architect, someone bigger that caused this universe to be made.
For all of this to have come to be by some cosmic fluke/accident is kinda sad, from the perspective that if this didn’t come to be by someone bigger than us humans, what’s the point to it all then? I also cry because even though I don’t know where Carl Sagan is, he comes really close to “getting it”; getting that all this was made by someone and not by chance.

God knows where he is, so I can’t point a finger and say he’s in hell. I do hope he’s in heaven, if we’re given a chance to chill with believers who’ve gone before us I know I want to talk to him (and Mr. Rogers, Johnny Cash, my grandfather and Jeffrey Dahmer and others).

I do think it’s awesome to see where technology is going in regards to exploring the known universe and even (for the wealthy at this time) space travel. That would be fun, exploring space and taking photos (tho they’d probably have to be long exposure ones right? )

So that’s why Carl Sagan makes me cry, for his closeness to getting it and who knows he might have! But also for the fact that every star, every planet, every solar system was made by God!