I like to think of myself as Dr. House – 27/28

And not for the witty banter, the snarky comments, the horrible bedside manner, or faking an American accent…

Doctor Gregory House is my [work] alter ego because I push for a client-centric approach paired with natural consequences every step of the way. In my line of work there’s a lot of mollycoddling and pandering, and I recognize when those in my care have had enough and either 1) stop responding to what’s being asked of them or 2) it starts a quibble, or perhaps even a power struggle.

I’ve mentioned before that I give it straight no chaser, but also I actively listen; I listen to what’s being said right then and there, what’s being said by way of non-verbal communication, but I also piece together what I know about particular types of mental illnesses. Some of those I work with have shared A LOT of what living with a mental illness is like, I have insight to things that probably could never be learned in a class or by reading a book, real first-person accounts. It’s because of this I’m able to write up very detailed case notes into the lives of those I work with, and if anyone were to ask “how did you find out?” I’d say “I listened”.

Now back to Dr. House; If you’re familiar with the show you might see him as a brash cocky SOB, a guy fueled on Vicodin and ego, but if you watch the show (and preferably to completion like I have, twice!) you realize that he’s human just like the rest of us. He has his breaking points, but he has tender points where the greatest elements of humanity shine through his cracks. Cracks as elegantly and accurately pointed out by Leonard Cohen; “There is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Dr. House has a lot of cracks, but he intentionally means well and his story is an ever developing story of redemption.

I don’t get it right with those I work with all the time, I have my good days and I have my bad, and yet I let my cracks shine through. I was taught to disclose what I feel comfortable with on a professional level with those I work with. Subsequently in a healthy/professional way I have let my cracks let light shine through, and instead of keeping where I have done wrong by those I work with to myself I own up and apologize where needed be.