The road goes ever on – 11/28

I am an autophile and I love to drive, which are good things…except for the fact of gas prices being in flux, but all the while…mile after mile of smiles!

The longest stretches of driving (so far) has been going from Phoenix AZ to Aurora IL in the 1988 Toyota Corolla my grandmother bequeathed to my sister, and the one time I drove from Aurora IL to Nashville TN to spend some time with my sister (which interestingly enough I talked about last time there was a  WeWorkForCheese‘s writing/blogging challenge).

Yet lately the road has beckoned again, but this time it will be different from anything I have ever done. My plan is as follows:
1) Peruse Craigslist in southern states (more than I do)
2) Find me a rust free…
3) Make sure it is in working order prior to flying out to…said southern state.
4) Drive it back to IL!


Yes, I am a fan of the early Z Cars, and preferably I’d like to pick up a 280Z 5-speed RUST FREE version of this car…but I am wary that salted roads ala winter time in IL might not be conducive to such a rust prone car. One of my better friends drives a Mazda Miata, and as tempting as a rear wheel drive Miata is to me, I’d like a rear wheel drive car of another breed.

I am an ardent reader of the SpeedHunters blog and I get Pavlov Dog-ish when I see properly taken care of Z Cars, cars that look so good despite their age! I too want to be one of those Z Car owners, and I really don’t know if I’d keep it clean and stock, or modify it; as there’s a plethora of aftermarket parts, both keeping with the stock theme but also there are LSx swaps and other engine swaps to give it more bang for ones bucks!

I don’t know yet when I’ll do this, but it’s in the back of mind too much of time and only in the front of my mind sometime. Yet I think it will be a worth while trip, a roadtrip, to find a car of my auto-based dreams and drive it back! 🙂


4/30 – Part time driver, all time autophile

Part time driver, all time autophile

I enjoy driving, I really do, but my love of cars goes beyond getting my drivers license 11 years ago…it started when I was 4!

The neighbor of a friend had purchased a British Racing Green Jaguar XJ6 and I told the guy that someday I would own what he was driving. In hindsight maybe an ’88 Jaguar XJ6 isn’t a good place to begin with for owning a Jaguar (electrical gremlins plagued this car in the 80s), but I didn’t know about the Jaguar E Type, XJ220, D Type & C Type.

I sadly do not have my full “man card” as I don’t know how to drive manual…yet, but I dream and hopefully I will learn off my friend’s Mitsubishi Eclipse. There’s something about cars that appeal to me, I think it’s mostly aesthetics and speed that appeal to me most, gas mileage takes the back burner when it comes to my favorite cars of all time, some of them are as follows:

1) Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

2) Acura NSX

3) Porsche 911 GT3

4) Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT (The dream car of my youth)

5) Mercedes 300SL “Gullwing”

6) Jaguar E Type

those are most of my favorite cars, they scream sexy and speed in their own right.

In my 11 years of driving I have the experiences, I can’t say I enjoyed it all because who truly enjoys bumper-to-bumper Chicago rush hour traffic or passing a trailer on fire in the dead of night? I do enjoy long stretches of driving, my time to and from Nashville was one of my favorites simply because of the terrain differences & the times where it seemed like I was on “The Green Hell“.

Cars are part of my past as well as my present, and here’s hoping they’re a part of my future as well. 🙂 It would be nice to find a girl who is as much of an autophile as I am, someone whom I can drive with and get a project car with, someone whom I can get greasy with in the garage (that’s not entirely a sexual euphemism).