Going back to school!

I am rather excited to say this, I am going back to college! In a way, it’s about time, but in another way I’m looking forward to going back to school and getting my Masters in Social Work. Apart from getting a MSW, my goal is to get the credentials to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC) as I want to provide counsel and therapy to people in addition to working in the behavioral health field.

Now why a MSW and a license to professionally counsel others you might ask? Because I believe that where I am at currently in my field is the ceiling given my experience and my educational background. Don’t get me wrong, I am still going to do what I do whole-heartedly and not half-assedly, but I realize this truth about me; I was meant to do more within my field, and I won’t be truly satisfied with my work-life until I get those necessary 8×10 sheets of paper.

At the last job I was at I worked under a woman who balanced out this very well, and while it isn’t my intention to copy or educationally or vocationally, but she certainly is an inspiration to me. And then there’s my beloved roomie Brian who [is single and available ladies and] has encouraged me to start the process, and he put it well, there’s no better time than now! And given our circumstances in life at this time, I concur with him wholeheartedly.

Onward and upward,

I’m on the fence with homeschooling

Editor’s note: I was homeschooled all the way from K to 12th grade. I’m just using my blog to post some of my insights and I hope that if this offends you in some shape or form you’ll talk to me about it. I don’t aim to burn down any bridges, but some of these things need to be addressed. Thank you.


I think that homeschooling is a perfect alternative to public, private, parochial schooling- that is, as long as the parents are capable of teaching and have some capabilities in the teaching field. I was blessed to have a mother who had a sense of what she was doing when she was teaching because to some degree that was her profession prior to us kids being born. Her previous teaching did her well when it came to us kids, but granted there were a few shortcomings in the area of math and science, but she did well with what she had.

I think this is important when considering homeschooling, because the education you provide your children will be for the most part will come from you teaching them, it helps to know the subject material to some extent, and they will learn what you have to teach them, so it helps if you have the capability to teach.
I recognize that some of my friends who were homeschooled had parents who had their thoughts about the public school education system, and while maybe some of them were valid, good intentionsalone without any capability or capacity of teaching won’t trump a well-rounded education; wanting to teach your kids without knowing how to will only delay your kids in the learning environment of the classroom.

I saw this was particularly true when some individuals I knew being sent off to the local community college in their early high school years, their parents feigned that they were still being homeschooled, but this outlet would help them acquire college credit for their studies. It is a disadvantage to send your kids off to college when they’re in high school, apart from the sham of still calling this homeschooling there’s also the element where they don’t have peers who are their age, but rather individuals who are in their 20s or older.

Another issue I had with the homeschooling system around me was that the mom was both teacher and principal, there wasn’t much involvement on the father side of things. It wasn’t this true in all cases, but so much I saw was simply one-sided forms of teaching, which that kind of stress on a woman, to take on the teaching of her kids alone is not a good idea.

In my own life I wanted to enter the local public high school, but my intentions and desire to do so was shut down. I did have friends with the extra curricular activities I was involved with in my homeschooled days, I wasn’t the so-called stereotype which is an ostracized kid who has no social life let alone social queues as how to function and interact, I did well and I think I came out ahead.


I probably will not homeschool my kids someday, granted this will be a discussion my wife and I will have but I know I’m not up for it because:
– I am good at helping with homework, not necessarily teaching in a school setting.
– They will have a chance to have a well-rounded education that I couldn’t provide for them.
– It will give them the opportunity to hear different views and make up their own minds instead of somewhat coercing them into thinking what I think.
– They can become their own person over time, they can question more and ponder deeper than I ever could.


So if you’re considering homeschooling or are homeschooling or were homeschooled, I’d appreciate your feedback, because my view is limited and I’m willing to dialogue about this subject matter with you. 🙂

Education is important, so do what you can to give your kids the best!