12/30 – Whoever said the kitchen was woman’s territory only?

Whoever said the kitchen was woman’s territory only?

I love to cook, bake, prepare, experiment, sample, whip, whisk, beat, mash, broil, boil and filet…but the best part of cooking? Eating! 🙂

There’s something about cooking that is zen to me; I appreciate spending investing time in making a meal for myself but I actually prefer cooking for others. On my mother’s side of the family there are bakers and on my father’s side there are butchers, and when it trickles down to me I like being balanced so I do both.

Out of the 4 kids in my family I am probably the one who cooks the most and consequently experiments the most. I am glad that I don’t have cable otherwise I might spend more than my fair share of watching cooking shows. I caught a bit of a foodie documentary of sorts the other day, and while I didn’t watch all of it I did find the entire episode on YouTube – Sandwiches that you will like

One thing I like about summer is that there are more garage sales, which means that I can get cooking gear inexpensively. So far this summer I have purchased a bread machine for $10 and a Belgium Waffle maker for $1! Speaking of the latter, I made some waffles today and I failed…but I didn’t give up; I ditched my first batch of batter because it said it would be too lumpy, my batter was too runny, so I grabbed a pancake mix and followed that mix’s directions for waffles, still runny…so I added more batter, made sure my waffle iron was hot enough and greased up for cooking, failure again…

But I persisted and I came out ahead! Success! Look at my awesome waffle 🙂

But that’s cooking for ya, experimentation and improvisation are part of the game and I love it.