Responding to emergencies, responding to fear – 8/28

If I were a bit younger I could easily see  myself as an EMT. I enjoy working with people and helping them to the best of my ability, and I am able to keep a level head and keep cool in difficult and stressful situations. One thing I to prepare myself for a difficult and sometimes dangerous situation is to let a bit of the fear in, let it come in and then I let it out, by coming to terms with the fear I am to move forward on the task set before me.

A few years back I was driving to work and I was going up a steep hill, and on the the side of the road where traffic was going down a woman stopped at the stop light at the top of the hill…

…but the semi behind her did not.

It barreled into her car and caused it flip over 3 times and land upside down. I offered up a silent damn and a prayer, parked my vehicle on the shoulder of the road and made my way to her vehicle, expecting the worst but arriving to help. A lot of cars passed rubbernecking the unfolded chaos, but didn’t stop. I was number 2 on the scene, the woman was alright as she climbed out of her destroyed car. Guy number 1 was calling for the police and an ambulance, and they were soon on their way. The semi driver was also okay, his vehicle was also destroyed as well.


This is me to a t; I am one who will help out where needed be ASAP. I mentioned I let in fear, but the reasons why I do that is because otherwise I could easily let fear take over and then I would be a wobbling mess. I let fear in to let it back out again, to prepare myself for the worst and to remain calm in spite of danger because if I can help someone else out safely, I’d be no good to the other person if I myself get injured in the process, I will do my best.

Stay safe, but if you don’t, I’ll help! 😉


27/30 – Being the first to the scene of an accident

Being the first to the scene of an accident

There have been times in my life where I have been the first one on the scene of an accident, and the last time I was went a little something like this.

I was on my way to work when my commute was close to 45 mins, but gas was about a 1/3 cheaper than it is now so to some extent with the hours I worked made it all worthwhile. My commute took me down a steep hill and then over a steeper one still, and at the top of this steep hill was a 4 way stoplight. As I was getting to that point of the road, across from my lane of traffic was a woman who braked as the light went from yellow to red, thing is…

the Semi behind her did not.

Her Land Rover flipped 2.5 times while the Semi drove off the road and into a ditch of sorts. I parked my car safely on the side of the road, so as to keep traffic moving and not blocked by my car. When I got to the vehicle that was upside down she had already crawled out of it and apart from some bumps and cuts from just being in one of the worst accidents I had ever seen, she was alright. The Semi driver was okay as well, just groggy from what just had happened.

Another individual arrived on the scene and had informed the woman that an ambulance and the police were on their way. She thanked the guy as well as me for stopping, as there were a lot of people present for the accident but not a lot of people stuck around, rubberneckers are annoying and can make for an accident themselves.

I recognize somewhere inside of me the nature of Fight or Flight Response in regards to accidents, I’m able to be in the moment and respond appropriately. I am certified in First Aid, I have to be it’s a potential possibility with my line of work, but even if I am not at work and something comes up I am able (and want to) help if needed.

There isn’t a place in this world for rubberneckers as they slow up traffic or worse, but thankfully there are people out there like me who will rise to the occasion to help out others in accidents. How sad and self centered this world would be if no one came to other people’s rescue.