Humor as a spiritual exercise; day 25 of Ramadan

Proverbs 17:22 – A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

I like humor, I like jokes, I like elaborate stand up lines, I like simple but catchy one-liners… As of late I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts on my way to work; The Liturgists Podcast / RobCast / Drunk Ex-Pastors, and as of this week I will be adding You Make It Weird with Pete Holmes. I’m adding the latter because a friend suggested it and hearing Pete Holmes on The Liturgists Podcast and RobCast, I am liking his stuff more and more, plus he seems like a pretty cool human being.

The thing is, humor finds a way in to the parts of that make us laugh hardest and deepest, it also on another level it seems to let the oh-we-can’t-talk-about-that have a space that might offend us but at the same time it might make it palpable and more human. I think that when humor offends us we shouldn’t ignore it, but rather explore the reasons why; is it in poor taste? Does it hit home? Is it too personal? Is the subject matter culturally / religiously / etc taboo?

Personally I kinda like my humor to be smart but a bit profane; Eddy Izzard, Richard Pryor, and George Carlin are my favorites for leaving no stone unturned and there are no sacred cows left unbarbequed. I used to like to keep it under wraps, “bad” humor that is, but it is so freeing to not hide that part of me provided I have an audience can handle it. If some individuals don’t appreciate it I don’t dish it out, but if you can you’ll get that side of me.
I also like that humor dispels tension and stress so much of the time. Ever have a good laugh? One of those laughs that comes from the gut and you’re left laughing and laughing and it kinda hurts but at the same time doesn’t? Those kinds of laughs are my favorite, they kind of feel like a mini ab workout.

Humor is a good thing, it’s also a God thing, if you don’t believe me start with the platypus and move into other animals and make your way into human beings. There’s a lot to laugh about, just don’t at the expensive of others (unless they want to be roasted) laugh at others.

So with all that being said, humor was my keyword on this 25th day of Ramadan. Thanks be to God who has made a funny world; from human beings to platypuses (platypi?) to you and me to us to we. May we be thankful and offer up healthy laughter to God and onto each other.

Salaam alaikum be yours now and always,

I want to be a lawyer for zombies – 10/28

I want to be a lawyer for zombies. I think they are a part of our population who are grossly uninformed to their rights and the rest of the population looks down upon them and rights them off as a undead brain-eating folk.

Yes, zombies like your brains, but surely there can be some wiggle room so that they get their brains and you keep your life, right? The brain is very adaptive, case in point; A mentally ill young man who shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt suffered a brain injury that apparently eliminated his phobia of germs and his obsession with washing his hands, doctors say. While we use more of our brains than the supposed 10% myth, why not figure out cut out what we don’t need and give them to the zombies. They get to eat, your brain still functions, sounds like a win-win scenario to me!

Better yet, incorporate bioengineering, a bit of cloning, and 3D printers to create brains. Granted the brains might taste weird and nothing like how mom used to make them, but you know when times are hard you gotta eat what you gotta eat. We could also exhume recent “famous” dead people and make copies of brains for that unique flavor, and from what I’ve been told Pete Seeger’s brain pairs excellently with Pinot Grigio.

That’s another thing, if we give zombies brains they will be less grouchy and less likely to step out of line and subsequently they could be integrated in society. No need to perpetuate the Us versus Them paradigm, none of this The Walking Dead tomfoolery, WE can be friends with zombies.

I will not stop, nor will I give up my fight in seeing that zombies get what they want, I am Nathanael, Lawyer for Zombies!


I am a funny serious/serious funny guy…deal with it! – 26/28

I am funny guy…this is true.

I am a serious guy…this is also true.

I am both, and can switch gears where needed be and yet it perplexes some people sometime that I am both, well to the naysayers who say you can’t be both…deal with it!


So maybe people don’t reject the possibility of being a funny serious guy or serious funny guy, but sometimes in my getting to know the opposite sex I’m isolated or worse, I’m the funny guy who can’t be serious…or I’m the serious guy who can’t be funny. It hurts me a bit to be labelled for this or labelled at all, I switch gears with my funny and serious as needed be, what’s so hard to comprehend about that?

I don’t like being labelled, because as Kierkegaard put it best; “when you label me you negate me”, and I don’t want to be considered worthless for any reason especially reasons pertaining because of the particular type of person you think you I can neatly identify as.

I am not neat, I am a problematic individual, I am a wanderer, I am a questioner, a doubter…these aren’t labels, but attributes I recognize about myself. If I look past the labels affixed to me I see an individual who is bright and cheery about things happening in the now and things that will happen in the future, a dreamer, a planner, a lover of love who wants to love and be loved.
I want to transcend the bullshit that so often is at my feet, I want to avoid the proverbial Damacles’ swords that hang over head, I want to walk through that door and not look back at past mistakes but look back so as to reminisce in a slightly nostalgic way as to what got me from here to there. 🙂

It’s not an easy road, God knows that the portion of “Amazing Grace” that sticks to me is the “Through many dangers, trials, and snares” part, I’m not at the “I have already come” portion of the song but I’m getting there, little by little day to day. There have been moments in my life where I have learned things the hard way, or ways where if I just had a healthy guide to lead me I wouldn’t have made some rudimentary mistakes…but I’ve learned, and sometimes relearned.

So even though I derailed myself in this post that started out about me explaining I’m a serious AND funny guy, not separated or divided…deal with it 😉