My goals for 2015

My theme for this upcoming year is to be more mindful and assertive.

I also have some goals in mind:

1. Go to lectures and related at places within the community
2. Travel a bit (I’m giving thought to going to Lithuania and Iceland).
3. Get back into shape (we all say this, but I aim to be intentional).
4. Take the I’m Sorry Campaign somewhere new (Portland is on mind, so is San Francisco).
5. Write more and perhaps even channel it into my book about behavioral health.
6. Find ways to be more engaged with NAMI on a local level.
7. Meditate more.
8. Eat less.
9. Give more of myself.
10. Work at not overthinking and overanalyzing anything and everything.
11. Work on being less cynical and be more hopeful.
12. Go on local roadtrips.

So far, that’s what my goals are for 2015!

Chicago Cubs; a lesson in perseverance – 4/28

Oh Chicago Cubs, how much you disappoint a lifelong fan, but in your losing streaks and close calls you teach me quite a bit about perseverance.

I am a lifelong Cubbie fan, I bleed red and blue because of the team and not some ancestral royalty. Yet the Cubs aren’t a good team, and some are certain they’ll win another World Series when hell freezes over, but I don’t need them to be that good to appreciate lessons learned from their hardships.
You see, there’s a phrase that gets tossed out when they get into a bigger slump as the season progresses; “there’s always next season” is the rhetoric of those who haven’t given up on the Cubs, but rather the predicament of a season that’s progressively getting worse. “Next season” is a hope, a dream deferred, for games yet to be played and quite possibly a better season. It’s something that is scoffed at. But still, I will take hope in any shape or size, including having a bit of hope in a team that in 2013 had 66 wins and 96 losses.


Hope is a strange and wonderful thing; it holds you down in the midst of life’s tragedies and turmoils, it sustains even when there isn’t a speck of sustainability, it can keep you going even when you don’t feel like continuing. As a follower of Christ, my hope is found in what God is doing and positive things done in God’s name. Sadly I am a realist with too much of a pessimist bent, and yet I realize that when life’s shit hits the fan, hope keeps me afloat, hope keeps me sane. Sure there are some things I wish and hope for that would be great “next season” but there is no “next season” for me, just one life and that’s it…and I am okay with that, but I admit, with having so many passions and goals I have started the process of clearing a very full plate and going after 2-3 of my dreams, my what-I-want-to-do-when-I-grow-up kinda things. It’s needed, otherwise I’ll be putting half-assed energy in a lot of things, when it would be better of me to give my all to a few things.

Mea culpa if I have strayed a bit from the theme, but I recognize the importance of having hope even when things seem awfully hopeless. Here’s to the Cubs, the hope of “next season”, and preferably winning a World Series preferably before hell freezes over 😉


Happy 2014! Some ways I will be bettering my life

Well 2014 is finally here! 2013 came and went very quickly, but that’s life for you.

Some of my goals and aspirations for this year. In no particular order they are as follows:

– Work out on a more regular basis
(I’ve gotten out of the habit of working out and I recognize the toll it’s taking on my body)

– Draw a bit, even if it’s just once a day
(I draw horribly, but want to put in the time and effort even if it doesn’t pan out – interested in following along on my Instagram account?)

– Get out more and into the community around me
(I have done a bad job in some ways in 2013 in stepping out of my routine, but I aim to change that and engage more with the community around me and the community within my church as well)

– Invite more people over to my place for meals
(I love cooking, especially for those I love and like…kind of self-explanatory)

– Be more intentional with my time
(This is all I have, I won’t be getting any more than what’s allotted to me)

– Forgive more, worry less
(I don’t do a good job at forgiving, I keep a lot of it inside my head and heart and I never expunge it thoroughly. I am also a worrier, and I get bogged down on details and things not coming together as I’d like it to. I want to work on this in this year to come.)

I’m sure more will come to mind, but that will have to wait to later.
Happy 2014 everyone! 🙂

Goals for 2011

Rather than come up with resolutions, here are my goals for the year 2011, in no particular order they are as follows:

1) Consume less, give more
2) Find more ways to build bridges between the Christian community and the LGBT community
3) Start writing my screenplays
4) Figure out what it’ll take to study abroad in Ireland for a Masters degree in Divinity
4a) See if I can get one that’s not denominationally affiliated
5) Find more ways to serve the homeless in my hometown
5a) Find ways to help the homeless in Skid Row
6) Get a secondary job local
6a) Get a job out in Southern California
6-7) Move out to Southern California by May or June ’11
8 ) Learn how to ride a motorcycle and get a motorcycle license
9) Learn how to drive manual
10) Become more proactive with various social networks outside of chatting with friends and posting photos
11) Visit some Xangamigos
12) Upgrade my camera
12a) Take more film photographs
13) Smile more, worry less
14) Start writing a few books
15) Write more snail mail
16) Go to a few concerts
17) Fall in love and stay in it
18) Travel around the U.S.
18a) Travel outside the U.S.
19) Get back into shape
20) Hold people accountable
20a) Be held accountable as well