Morning Meditation 2.23.16

morning meditation 2.23.16

as a follower of Christ I know that my love for God is best demonstrated by whom I love the least, and as I sit here in my car minutes before I start work I’m mediating on that.

you see, I’ve been having a difficult time doing that lately, loving the other that is, and I have a coworker who would be “the other” in my case; he’s loud, arrogant, not a good listener, rehearsed rhetoric when it comes to what he thinks about the LGBTQ+ community… we’ve duked it out verbally when it comes to these matters, he still doesn’t get it (and no, in this instance I don’t equate “getting it” as taking the side I have in this matter).

Yet yesterday before the work day ended he asked me to stand in solidarity with him, a little gesture, but he asked to do so anyway.
gut response; “why in the hell should I stand in solidarity with you?”
But Jesus got the better of me, and I said “yes I will do that with you.”

The way of Jesus is difficult and goes against the grain of my natural instincts and reactions. I’m not standing in solidarity for praise or respect of my peers, I’m doing it because Jesus would want me to.

This is how I show love today, with the other who has offended me and those I love dearly. Not my love per se, but the love of Jesus.

~ Nathanael~


Don’t be like me (be yourself)

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde

My 7am to 3pm on a weekly basis is spent working with youth in a psychiatric residential treatment facility; in essence, I work with youth who have behavioral health / multi need / Autism Spectrum Disorder issues. It’s difficult work but I love what I do for the most part.

Given that I work a regular shift and work with pretty much the same students when I’m not picking up overtime, I’m a common face to those I work with. With that being said, I think I do a pretty good job at what I do; I actively listen, I problem solve, I help out with activities on-site, I play basketball and other sports with them, I go on walks with them, and I also take time to simply BE with them. So I understand that it’s those kind of qualities that people, not only students, are drawn to. It also makes sense why some of my students made known to me today that they want to be like me.

When it was brought up earlier today I quickly turned the conversation to one of don’t be like me, be yourself. I gave them a simple and sweet answer akin to the Oliver Wilde quote, but here I want to expound upon it.
Here’s the thing, if we desire to be like someone else we ignore our self and what we can do to be the best version of ourselves. Sure, take on attributes and qualities you see in me that you like and what to make for your own, but take them and make them for yourselves and for those around you.

In this life we’re all headed down the path, but the path despite being crowded with 7.3 BILLION people (thanks World Population Clock!) we all walk it for our self and ourselves alone. So I cannot walk it for you inasmuch as you cannot walk it for me, but I am certain we can all testify to sometimes wanting someone else to carry the burden we’re faced while walking this path but we cannot physically pass it off to another human BEing (but yes, we can find people to walk with who can share with us our hardships as well as our good times).

So find people to walk with, find the good in others and make them yours, after all, “be yourself everyone else is taken.”


21/30 – Favours I’d ask of Satan

Favours I’d ask of Satan

There really aren’t any favors I’d ask of Satan since he really doesn’t possess any power, he exists and he does coerce people and tempt them to do bad things but it’s up to the individual to do the right or wrong thing due to freewill – hence excuses of “the devil made me do it” really are quite pathetic, the choice was always yours!

Asking Satan for favors isn’t going to get you far, as he has no powers, he has the capability to mess with you to have the appearance of possessing powers especially when times look bleak it might seem like God is absent and Satan has the upper hand but it really isn’t so.

I remember when 9/11 happened some people asked where was God on 9/11? He was there, but he didn’t interfere with our freewill, because it was the freewill of the terrorists who crashed the planes to carry out that heinous act against humanity. I think that’s why I think freewill sucks at times, while it does give us the freedom to do almost whatever we want…whatever we want, to which we are selfish and narrow-minded at times, we want what’s best for us and not for others, we do have moments where we think about others but it’s more of a rarity than not.

I do have faith in God, what he’s doing, and the good things people do in his name… but there are times where I just get frustrated with humanity and the way we fight against each other so much of the time. I did come across link the other day that brightened up my life a bit, 21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity, and interestingly enough if I had been about 2 feet to the right I’d have been in the first picture! ๐Ÿ™‚

So favours I’d ask of Satan, hmmm…walk off a short pier and don’t come back perhaps? ๐Ÿ˜‰